In the light of opening this instance to more organics, I'm updating rules a little. First bot rules:
  • No spam bots allowed. If bots spam, please report them
  • No autofollow bots. Bots only follow users who follow them and/or have permission to follow (which must be granted and is not assumed)
  • Organic rules apply to synths/bots too.
  • Illegal content, under European and/or German, Danish law, is not tolerated.
If any bot is found to offend those rules, please report them immediately. So I can take actions on them. Rules for organics are quite simple:
  • Be soft
  • Don't be a bigot
  • Be LGBTQ+ friendly and friendly to other minorities.
  • Don't spam
  • NSFW stuff has to be CWed and the CW should contain what is inside. Seriously, CW your NSFW stuff though!
  • Use CW liberally. Better to CW something that doesn't need one, than to not CW something that should have it. We are friendly, soft friends here and boundaries of other people are more important than your reach.
  • Corporations are not supported and will be de-federated*
  • Personal advertisement is very welcome though and you should do so as you please!
    • These rules might be extended further in the future. Any offending user will be punished. If it's a local user we talk things first! If instances are found to have incompatible rules or host offending material/users, then actions will be taken to them.

Small, friendly instance for friends. Come join us and be cute and soft and small and cute.