Found this extremely powerful image in a random illustration annual from 1981


Joke pic that I put a little too much effort into. Enjoy more Xenia


I’m not an infosec expert or anything but I don’t think that’s right

Boost this fox to teleport him across the Fediverse and brighten someone's day! :blobfox:

Let's see how many instances the fox can reach on his journey!

As someone who spent some time on Masto ~5 years ago, then returned again recently, here's my advice:

* Nobody will ever agree on anything, ever. Just unfollow/mute/block people who annoy you.

That's it, that's the advice.

I like how Mastodon doesn't blur up your pixel art, though I don't have anything new to show yet.


Mastodon might not be useful for promoting your art or whatever, but to be honest neither was Twitter. One of my LandTraveller posts after I rebranded into a brand got lucky but otherwise it really is just a platform for your existing fans to follow you on. And my particular fans have always strongly preferred Discord for a quiet, heavily moderated environment.

picking a mastodon server to join is easy -- just think of it like you're allying with one of many families in a war-torn medieval land, each with their own histories, feuds, laws, blood rituals

"The crystal dragon is quite peaceful as long as you don't mess with it and go on your way."

Your shares are welcome. I hope you enjoy it πŸ’œ

How far will it go in the fediverse?

#dragon #namwhan #MastoArt #DigitalArt #cyrstal #Art #Fantasy

LB no, no, no

moving to Mastodon is like leaving a deafening casino / bar where fights are periodically breaking out and patrons are getting bounced by security...

and going into an unlicensed street fair where fights are *constantly* breaking out between the booths, six people are playing very loud clashing songs, but man, this one fucker over by the water fountain makes a great croissant and there's a pretty cozy place out of the shade where you can watch the chaos

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