sex, gendered brains 

@behold3r something tells me this Jordan Dann isn't a real doctor.

Also someone who calls themselves an expert in "Color Therapy" could've chosen anything but this hard to read purple and yellow vomit.

manager explaining the product: oh it's just a dozen scrunchies there's a bunch of them so you have spares, and you can put one on your wrist as a fashion thing or whatever, just show that in the images

the fucking zognoid trying to pass as a human photoshop guy: ULTIMATE SCRUNCHIE COMBAT MEGABRACER

don't fucking call yourself a manderville man unless you respect pronouns as only a manderville can, from the hills of coerthas to thanalan

i feel like i shouldn't even have to explain this shit honestly

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Btw pride month doesnt occur the same month globally.
Pride month may be β€œover” in the US (as in corporations no longer have rainbow logos) but it just started in other countries. In sweden it β€œofficially” occurs between july/august.

What im saying here is that its *always* pride month somewhere.

do not throw away coffee grounds
coffee grounds are good for your plants
coffee grounds are good for your skin (exfoliating scrub)
coffee grounds repel insects and molluscs (and cats)
coffee grounds (dry) can neutralize odors
coffee grounds can be used on icy sidewalks instead of salt or sand
coffee grounds with hot water can unclog drains
coffee grounds can tenderize meat

personally? i'm gonna trans everyone. in fact reading my posts makes you trans

for the love of shit stop telling people to use brave browser

if you know how to fix [thing]
you probably know how to cleanly sabotage [thing]


i ordered this fxpak pro (for those who don't know, it's a top of the line snes flashcart) at the beginning of the month, not realizing the seller i got it from was based in. uh. kiev, ukraine. so it's been a bit of a wait. but it just arrived today!

and the nes equivalent, which i ordered from a different distributor, should arrive tomorrow. it is a good time to be a retro enthusiast with my name and address

Rearranged things to add terminal blocks and put a heatsink on that regulator. Runs much colder than the operating max so it's all good, just waiting for the fuse holder to show up. It will go where that white wire is.

main is usually a function is a good blog post

const int main[] = { -443987883, 440, 113408, -1922629632, 4149, 899584, 84869120, 15544, 266023168, 1818576901, 1461743468, 1684828783, -1017312735 };

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