MH (~), plural related 

I'm still pretty bothered with the observer role.

Because it also makes our system feel pretty fake.

Sabby is more in the background again and we feel pretty femme centered, which is fine, but also triggers impostor syndrome about plurality.

Yesterday, as a day off to be little was nice though.

Today was a little more work again and very short little time, but also didn't feel like I needed it really.

MH (-), plural related 

Also, I know it's a little thing, but using "I" a lot, while I see other plural system using mostly "we" kinda adds to the impostor feelings

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MH (-), plural related 

@maxine Maybe moo should try "we" for a bit, see if it feels right. If it does then moo can keep it, if not then moo know the impostor feeling is just a false feeling. Either way you will learn about yourselves.

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