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Hi there! ❤️​ My name is Ulvra, though my friends call me Moofie. I am a simple motherly moof (and sometimes pupper) who draws fluffy, cute and sometimes innocently lewd things. I also stream here and there, sometimes art, often gaming and often on Friday evenings (CET).

You can find my stuff here...

Oh and I am also Emily ❤️​ (see below)...

Have one of the songs from "Just Shapes & Beats"

Arguably one of my favorite ones! :purple_sparkling_heart:

That is it for the stream tonight & that - was - awesome. x3 Definitely a fun and challenging game. Thanks to everyone who popped by, I hope that you enjoyed it. :heart_crown: :pupper_wag:

Friday is upon us & after only minor technical hiccups we're ready for streams! ^-^ Tonight something fun, something simple, namely Just Shapes & Beats! :heart_pink: :pupper_zoom:
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Warning: This game has a lot of sharp graphics and flashing, so be mindful. :heart_pink:

I was once expelled from the teacher's office because I found a good squeaky floor spot... ^-^;; :pupper_zoom:

Do you also ever sometimes randomly find a squeaky spot in the floor, then spend a couple minutes just standing there squeaking it...? :pupper_wag:

Alright, I got almost all done I wanted today... now time to bop some dindins before stream. :pupper_wag:

Small shout out:

@ulvra will be streaming later and got the game "just shapes & beats" (I'm totally innocent here and have nothing to do with that. How /dare/ you even think I would give things to people, they wish for, against their will!)

Anyway, it is a really good game and if you can you should watch her stream, because even watching it alone is a lot of fun.

Though, if you can have epileptic seizures, please be aware that the game is full of bright flashes.

Gone back through my galleries to take care of a little something and realising how bad I did all through 2018... I really need to up my art game in 2019, but I feel like I'm getting there.

I think after a rebrand is a good time for a new #introduction?


my name is Maxine and I make old school (Atari style) games with a little modern twist.

This account will be mostly used to announce stuff on my #gameDev and #pixelArt.

Also I am moderator here on, so if you have any problems, let me know!

Valentine's day is many things, but one thing I think that is telling is when you don't really have someone and those you do you aren't certain with, it is telling when they do or do not poke you on this day. Perhaps I should do the poke, but then I wouldn't know.

I wish that I had someone to curl up against, but such is life. I hope that everyone had a nice day, whether you have someone or not.

I just found out that March 9th is /the/ most holy holiday for all millenials.

It's the 69th day of a year (that hasn't 29 days in February)

Did a little bit of work and made a mockup of what the game would look like (partly)

This is only the game field itself and it will be a 3x3 field in the end. But this should give an idea how it looks.

It's the ncurses version (smaller) and the SDL version in a chosen 4 color and 8 color palette each.

If you want to support me, you can do so here:

Boosts are also very welcome and highly appreciated!

Hey if you want to help me out, give this a boost maybe?

I'm making a game with a pretty unique idea, which is that you play from the viewpoint of a synthetic agent.
It might not be the most "fun" game, in the sense of usual "fun games", but it will be challenging and hopefully teach people.

Just I have also a lot of stress and by spreading it around I might get a little more support and even just $1 from a person would give me a big boost in morale.

They also have their faithful sidekick Polite Pocket Pupper, who pops out of their pocket and fights with kind words and well meant greetings!

Together they are unstoppable and an udderly good team.

I introduce to you, the newest crime fighting super hero


They fight with the power of neo-pronouns and dairy, from their moo cave! (Which is pretty similar but legally distinguished, by dairy product and milk theme, from the bat cave)

Their arch enemy is Lactosin Tolerand. Who wants to get rid of all dairy products, because they can't enjoy those.

Remember to take care of the people in your community who are

caring and loving
because they know how it feels to be hurt and abused

strong for you
because they know how it feels to be helpless

try to make you smile
because they know how it feels to drown in sorrow

Take care of the people who provide you with good, because they learned what it means to not have someone like them around and want to be that for you

You help them, by being there for them. That's all they ask. All you have to do

Don't forget to take care of the beacons of happiness in your community.

And the people who are there to cheer you up.
And the people who are there to listen to your ill.

They do need care too, but are often forgotten or overlooked, because they seem happy/strong/good. Truth is, they have their own struggles and if you don't take care if them, they are gone, eventually.

That's it for the stream tonight. Thanks to everyone who popped by, I hope that you had fun. :heart_pink:

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