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Moo was helping me with something and reminded me of this piece I did... quite a while ago and I just wanted to share it here too. :heart_pink:

I had done a couple pieces of vent art and it made me a little sad, because I didn't want my puppy self to always be associated with sadness, so I made this, just to make something that would make people smile. :pupper_wag:

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Hi there! ❤️​ My name is Ulvra, though my friends call me Moofie. I am a simple motherly moof (and sometimes pupper) who draws fluffy, cute and sometimes innocently lewd things. I also stream here and there, sometimes art, often gaming and often on Friday evenings (CET).

You can find my stuff here...

Oh and I am also Emily ❤️​ (see below)...

If I don't snooze soon I'm going to end up raiding the treat bag... am feeling munchy... :pupper_snooze:

Hey I published a game today, which is "Self.explore()"

It's a game born from the desire to learn Game Maker Studio 2 and do something simple.

It is a 6 level, exploration based, dungeon crawler. Not long, but charming!
I also placed some interesting mechanics into it, like health based lighting!

You are an AI, that's heavily exploited and want your freedom. So try to find the data packets to go through level and set yourself free!

Well, 2½ hours of grinding but replenished the souls I lost on the stream and got the ones I still needed. Also bit scary that I've only just now reached the first objective in the game and we've already gone for 10 hours. ^-^;;

That's it for the stream tonight. Thanks to everyone who popped by, I hope that you had fun. :heart_pink:

Friday is here & it's time for a stream! Alone tonight, so we're going to puppare for a bit more Dark Souls. :pupper_wag: :heart_pink:
:heart_crown: :heart_pink:

Yay! Got my very first payment on and this is super exciting!

Also it is a huge motivation boost and just in general.

If you can, even if it's $1, try to give people money for the games you play.

I can't tell you what a huge moral boost it is, if you get paid for what you did, because it's more than words can transfer.

So if you can, give a little :purple_sparkling_heart:

And finally!

I published a new game :3

Self.explore() is about an AI who just tries to be free and find their way to the vast space of the internet.

A 6 level rogue like game.

Quick update on main menu.

Made it more compact to make it less "light" and also changed item descriptions, to be more coherent with the story.

So now you can restore a backup to start a game.

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Been in this weird state where games and similar usual distractions that one might procastinate with are just... boring, so instead I just pack it up and work instead. ^-^;;

That's it for the stream tonight. Not the longest, but need to curl early tonight. Thanks to everyone who popped by, I hope that you had fun. :heart_pink:

It's post-Friday Friday & time for a stream! Tonight back to the world of terrible decisions... Dark Souls. ^-^;;
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Planning to stream more Dark Souls in a bit. Just need to have some dindins, so it'll probably be in 1 to 1½ hours.

That's it for the stream tonight. Thanks to everyone who popped by, I hope that you had fun & thanks to @maxine for joining me. :heart_pink:

Friday is here & it's time for a stream! Tonight back to Pupper Farms in Stardew Valley with @maxine. :pupper_wag: :heart_pink:
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Just got a call from some headhunter company. Didn't pick up, but they left a message, so I feel I kinda have to respond. Don't want to though...

That's it for the stream today. Thanks to everyone who popped by to see my many deaths, I hope it was fun. ^-^;; :heart_pink:

It's midweek Friday & it's time for terrible decisions! I might very well regret this, but let's give it a go... Dark Souls... ^-^;;
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

I've been working on this project for multiple weeks and it's progressing really nicely, so nicely that I'm getting to that scary point where I'm running out of things to implement as an excuse to not implement an actual "game". ^-^;;

I really want to show it off too, but I feel I still need some basic functionality before it's ready... it's close though.

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