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Moo was helping me with something and reminded me of this piece I did... quite a while ago and I just wanted to share it here too. :heart_pink:

I had done a couple pieces of vent art and it made me a little sad, because I didn't want my puppy self to always be associated with sadness, so I made this, just to make something that would make people smile. :pupper_wag:

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Hi there! ❤️​ My name is Ulvra, though my friends call me Moofie. I am a simple motherly moof (and sometimes pupper) who draws fluffy, cute and sometimes innocently lewd things. I also stream here and there, sometimes art, often gaming and often on Friday evenings (CET).

You can find my stuff here...

Oh and I am also Emily ❤️​ (see below)...

@ulvra : 🐺❤️🍆
Me: Pupper, that's lewd
Pupper: Pupper innocent and loves aubergines

Not feeling so great today, but moo surprised me with a secret game and I love it. :heart_pink:

"See, the value of stories isn't in telling you there *are* monsters, Stardust. It's in showing you they can be kicked square in the down-belows" ~Ticker :heart_pink:

Titles are difficult. Sometimes they just come to you, while others, the only things that spring to mind are all the ones which you aren't happy with. ^-^;;

I did a draw. :heart_pink:

Took a piece I started in SAI but didn't finish before moving to CSP and redrew the lines there. Still far to go, but it's something. Bit of a lewd piece but felt like doing something like that, still missing a good title though.

Did some stuff in Game Maker Studio 2 today.

More trying to get stuff working here, so lots of placeholders for stuff that doesn't have art yet.

Still, trying to get movement done, so have look.

Art is by the cute pupper @ulvra

Been struggling with how to say three little words for a week, but just can't bend them right. On the plus side though I feel like drawing, but my stylus needs power first, so we'll see if that desire remains in a few hours or if I lose it.

That's it for the stream tonight. Thanks to everyone who popped by, I hope that you had fun & thanks to @maxine for joining me. :heart_pink: :pupper_snooze:

Friday is here & it's time to jump into leaves & do the zooms to prepare for winter. It's time for Stardew Valley with @maxine. :heart_pink: :pupper_zoom:
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

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Arbitrations are going to be revisited come next week. Generally a good move, but if they do what they've talked about so far without reducing rotation time I fear it'll only make the game mode even less played than it was.

On another note.

I make games and want to get somewhat of a living with them.

I work on games pretty constantly and aim for 2 (tiny) games (or one small one) a month.

You can support me Patreon and get some specials (like your name as a supporter on games, access to votes, games for free, that would usually not be free)

So if you can, please support me :3

Also games I made already:

Right now I feel a lot like my phone background. Cryptic I know, but it'll make sense when I finally catch up on art publishing. Also need to figure out a journal thing but not sure what to say in it, or probably rather how to. I guess I snooze, or try to at least. :pupper_snooze:

Is there a music tracker that is very close to the built in one of the pico?

Like you just have a bunch of effects and fixed instruments and that's it?

I like the ease of use with the pico one and don't really want much more than you can do with it honestly.

It's time for walkies. Time to see how nature has changed over the last couple weeks. :pupper_zoom:

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Most pro tip for making games (and mostly everything creative):

Make what you want to do or want to play.


That;s it.

Today I did a small walking cycle for another game.

I really want to make a platformer game and am talking with @ulvra about mechanics (she also helped a lot making this one)

Also each time I feel not good today, I just look at it running and feel better again.

Because I made this :3

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