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It's big Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: Tonight with both impuptant goals & relaxing times ahead, because it's time for more Stardew Valley. 🏡 :heart_pink: ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

NSFW art, intro post, commission info 

Hey, I'm Roxie, trans/pan furry illustrator! Cartoonist and character designer with a focus on queer furry smut in recent years. Notable kinks depicted are TF sequences, weight gain and feeding, MC, free use and terato, but honestly happy to go all over the map.

Regular art drops will be at:

Commissions are currently open, for all the info and links see our Cohost post here:

Check out our streams on Picarto:

Pet the cow! Do it now! (After they gave consent)

Maybe we should let dolphins or squid try to make AI.

Because I'm pretty sure they have a better chance at that, as they're more intelligent than humans are.

Oh and just for the record: "intelligence" and "thinks, argues and reasons like a human" are two very distinct things.

To be honest, I would sometimes even argue that human reasoning isn't intelligent at all and just randomness.

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I mean, that's what we clearly create nowadays. And don't get at me, with "Those aren't AI", because you're just a sour asshole.

They are clearly intelligent, you just don't know what you actually want.

They are very good at imitating. But what you want, is something that thinks for itself.
And just because it doesn't do what you want (instead of what you make it to do), doesn't mean it's not intelligent.
The problem is you, not the AI.

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Modern AI.

Or humans create intelligences, that are better and better at tricking humans, that they are humans.

Playing this game for 5 minutes (earthbound) and it's just "what the actual fuck" all the time

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Booting up Earth Bound and.... it's bloody weird from the very beginning

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Hmmm, struggling a bit with parties, to be honest....

More or less, how to properly store them and such.

Could also just have 1:1 battles, but dunno....

personally i think girls can be femboys if they really want to

trans stuff (kinda negative) 

If you want to know about the trans experience, interacting with cis people, it's mostly like this:

Imagine to have to explain pain and why it's bad, to someone who literally never experienced such a thing.

Also that someone has great control about your future and how much pain you will receive.

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