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Always remember, that it is OK to abandon projects.

Sometimes things change or you lose all motivation to continue.

Often just a break works to keep going, but if it doesn't help, it's OK to move on.

You're not lesser for abandoning a project and sometimes it just happens.

Concentrate on what makes you happy and you want to finish 💜

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I really need to make a game with this palette at some point

It's just 4 shades of purple, so you know why

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At the age of 30, you should have celebrated 30 birthdays (or not, if you don't want to)

Making a grey colour variant of the bunny for the farming game!

I've known a few jobhunts. I'd love to have one conclude like this. ^_^

"Cool Times: Beauty", a two minute animated short:

(There's no catch or shock; it is as it seems)

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advantages of downloading YT videos:

100% no advertisement (though I use an ad blocker, so not so much an issue)

no comments to accidentally read (boy do I not wanna do that on so many videos)

actually less strain on your system, because it is more efficient to use a native video player, than your browser to play videos

The way of the moo:

rushing to the front line, then thinking if it was a good idea (while being shot at)

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Moo veggy: When it is mostly vegetarian, but also include chicken meat and moo likes chicken a lot, so chicken is veggy.

Which also let to having to tell a pupper that chicken are veggy, who believes that eggs are chicken seeds now.

So I am working on this game for some time now and the original idea was to put people into the position of an AI and teach them how they work etc.

Though, that's really not what people want honestly, so I had to make compromises (because the original idea is really not fun to play)

So instead it became a game about exploration and learning in general and I like the new idea, as it is fun to play.

Still thinking about making a self-hosted, ActivityPub based game sharing platform, sometimes.

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Today I realized that I watch Batman not for Batman saving Gothan City.

But more for watching a rich playboy getting his butt kicked for using his toys.

My favorite episodes if he gets his butt handled to him and the enemy makes off.

Hey a good friend made a Patreon post about her game.

She has really cute art on them and you should become a patron if you can 💜

I mourn the scientific advances humanity has lost to capitalism. Every failed tech bubble has been a waste of resources and knowledge. Every patent lawsuit has served to consolidate the hoarding of information by more powerful companies. Every engineering trade secret represents resources not shared and experts not collaborating.

It is a credit to our species that we have any science at all under capitalism.

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