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I think the true thing ChatGPT shows us humans, is how "being right" is more important than correct answers.

It is modeled after the most likely responses to stuff and thus shows us (somewhat) the most likely response of humans (it was trained with)

Which is most of the time "Just make shit up and hope you're not caught"

Can't stop thinking about the cover art for the X68000 port of Columns. It didn't have to go this hard.

plush friends deserve lots of love and hugs, so give them lots of love and hugs!

(Unless they don't like hugs, then just give them lots of love)

I saw grinch masks earlier today, which were really hilarious to me, because the grinch is very much anti-consumerism and is now become a consumer idol

Them: "What is your favorite ice cream flavor; vanilla or chocolate?"

Me: "Strawberry."

Iunno on a train and board. Also couldn't buy a stuffy friend and also still processing panic at the neurologist

At least I got fish'n'chipd

Mastodon often doesn’t seem to love my art BUT I’m super proud of this little guy - still needs some work but I’m trying to make Inktober all about getting shit done, not getting shit perfect.

4YO: “I didn’t like that yesterday kids at school were calling me ‘slime monster’”

Me: “I’m sorry! What were you doing when they called you that?”

4YO: “Running around… sliming them… saying I was going to slime them…”

Me: “…what do you want to be called when you’re doing that?”

4YO: “Gloopy Goblin.”


You really want to tell me that you believe that some random numbers, on a computer, equal to access to food and housing


Don't think that people can define their own gender?

Me going into the next store, just grabbing what I like and leaving without paying: "Money is just a social construct and not real. So why should I pay for things?"

I'm only just dipping my toes in Quake Brutalism Jam 2 (it's big. like, really big) but I have to specifically call out Makkon's hub map, "Ears to the Heavens", for being possibly the most spellbinding space I have ever seen in this engine. Utterly breathtaking to exist in and explore.

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