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It's backup big Friday & it's time for pupventure! :whats_this: We witnessed things we didn't expect... disturbing things... but it's time to try to find some answers, in Tunic! 🦊🛡️⚔️ ^-^
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Reminder, that in capitalism you are not paid for what you are worth or how much you produce.

Instead you get paid for what OTHER PEOPLE think you, or your work, is worth, who also don't do your job and don't know the hardship of it.

The only exception are company owners, who decide themselves how much they are worth and are notoriously bad at largely overestimating their work's worth.

My message to all the US folks, that is still up:
Go to bed, you're tired.

parents, negative 

Anyway, I'd rather have new parents. Actual parents who actually love me, and not some made up version of me.

Would be nice to just cut ties to them as well and don't have to deal with that bullshit altogether, forever.

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parents, negative 

Honestly, all I really wish for, is parents who actually listen to me and take me serious.

But until them, I won't take them serious at all, because eh... why should I?

Why should I give them, what they think they deserve, without giving it out?

The problem with being nice comes up, when the others don't even intend to reciprocate at all.

When facing the "All we need is STEM!" approach to education, my usual response is:

Developing the vaccine was the STEM problem; distribution & getting shots in arms was the Social Science problem; getting people to trust it & combatting misinformation was the Humanities problem -- which did we fail?

The other day I was arguing with a colleague, & I said that I thought 95% of the funds getting thrown at AI would be better spent strengthening infrastructure to handle climate change. He said “AI will fix climate change.”

Now I think 100% of those funds should be redirected.

It's midweek Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: Winter is almost upon us, so it's time to make our last pupperations & bring in our last harvests, including a very special harvest Special harvest!... in Stardew Valley. 🏡 :heart_pink: ^-^
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Planning to do a bonus stream tonight, in about 3 hours. :heart_pink:

"We don't need to visit Egypt, we've got Suez at home."

Suez at home:

If you never faced consequences in your life, then of course, being forced to be a decent human being feels like oppression.

Analysis complete: fwiend

I have this image saved as "images/kosen/Shiba-Inu by Kosen - 28cm.jpg"

gender stuff 

I think the body types I'd feel most comfortable with are either:

boobs + dick


no boobs + pussy

them: "I am so oppressed! I can't say anything anymore!"
Me: "What is it you can't say anymore?"
Them: "I can't call people slurs anymore or endanger public health, with conspiracy misinformation!"
Me: "Ah... yeah... so oppressed... sure..."

German pol, fascist hypocrisy 

But of course, it's the established parties and especially the left, who is obsessed with gendering and and trying to control what people are allowed to say.

The bullshit conservatism gets away with and their flock not noticing, relaly makes you think it's not a political direction and more a faith.

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German pol, fascist hypocrisy 

AsD: "We want to stop the gendering madness and useless law proposals!"

Law proposals by CDU, FDP, Greens, SPD and the left, about gender neutral language (in favor or against): 0

Law proposals by AfD against gender neutral language (literally trying to forbid gender neutral language and enforcing masculine centered language): 7

Both over a period of 7 years

"The left is controlling what you are allowed to say!"
- the party who literally proposed 7 laws in 8 years, who's sole purpose is to control what other people are allowed to say

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