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Started my PC and got an annoying "Upgrade to Windows 11" thing.

Which, when declined, got me to a "Microsoft recommends using windows 11" and boy.... you just made me want to use Windows 11 less. Especially after the millionth time you try to sneakily change my default browser settings to edge.
As I know, it's only in Microsoft's best interest, not mine.

It's parent's Friday & it's time for more Moofathon! :whats_this: Two folk has been helped & two aspects of Ford has been sorted out. It's time to sort out the third & find out what answers lie in the reflections of that fractured mirror in Psychonauts 2. :heart_pink:
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Planning to do a bonus stream tonight, in about 3 hours. We'll be continuing the Mental Health Month Moofathon with more Psychonauts 2. :heart_pink:

I wonder if all the people, who say "vore is a fetish and always sexual", don't play Kirby or think it's an adult game, lol.

You literally swallow and digest your opponents there.

Well, I just checked and hooray, I'm 27% below the poverty line.

Even with commissions I barely ever scrape the poverty line.

Kinda wondering how much support, for my game, I'd lose by going from actually having NSFW parts to going SFW (with kinks and teasing only)

Because, like, losing my PayPal account would be so fucking arse.

Try being active here on several instances here, for advertising your stuff (which is what artists do, with posting art) and see how taxing it is, because it is more than just uploading pictures. You have to be part of several communities at once and check all of them in.

So the natural conclusion?
Stick with one or two of the biggest, to have the highest chance of your stuff being seen.

And now, we have the reason why FA is still a thing.

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It's the same with most other products.

And well, other platforms might be better, but they just don't have the volume.
They don't have the 10s of thousands of viewers every second FA or e621 have

Additionally, posting on multiple websites is arse, real arse.
Tools like postybird reduce the load, but it's still extra work, we artists have to put in, for usually very little return.

And posting art is only a fraction of the work.

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The problem with stuff like FA and e621, is just pretty simple.

They have the volume to outperform every other website, just by sheer numbers.

And for artists, those numbers are important, as the ratio to art seen and people paying money is usually in the range of 1% at most, so you need 100 people seeing your art, for just one to potentially commission you.

And if you have 1000l views that can work out, if you only get 10, then no.

FA rule update thing 

Sadly FA is still the major site where I get interactions (except for e621, which is honestly worse)

So, sucks, but I need that site. But not being able to post updates to my game there (people are more interested in, than the SFW stuff), really sucks.

Couldn't be worse timing.

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FA rule update thing 

Well, they made "clarifications" but honestly it's just a joke at this point.

Luckily I removed everything I think, that could get me banned already.

And I just not gonna post my 8-bit style with NSFW or any kink theme there anymore. Just too risky to have it misinterpreted, as intend doesn't seem to matter anymore.
So having someone say "that looks like a baby pokemon", even though it's a grown arse kobold, counts more.

It's sad, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

To be really honest.

Best case scenario, for me, is that I can even forget what OS I'm running. (unless I'm installing new software)

Because it just keeps fucking working all the time.
I can do the things, I need with it and it just keeps working, without a problem.

I really love how Linux techbros are literally just Gamers, but for software.

Because their goto thing, if people complain about software is literally "You're just not good enough at fixing it!"

No, Sir. I just want a fucking operating system that works and I don't have to babysit, lol.

Linux distros, after claiming that it's "stable for regular users", then doesn't even let you use it for 5 minutes without major bugs cropping up: "Why do people still use Windows? Linux is clearly better!"

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Linux distros, breaking the systems, that finally work, after years of improvements, because they decided that some essential software isn't good enough anymore: "Why does nobody want to use our operating system?????"

I'm looking at ad spaces (FA and e621 here) and just saw they have widely different requirements

Also the one on FA, I can afford is at the fucking bottom, lol.

But FA is 380x90 and e621 is 728x90 for desktop (and 320x50 for mobile)

I wanna try out how effective those might be in getting me attention though.

Also probably keeping comms open,so that I can get more money to buy stuff for the game (gonna have some major expenses for the music, as in at least 180$)

How not to be called a fascist in one easy step:

1st Don't be a fucking fascist and have some compassion for other people.

Living in capitalism, really lowers your expectations.

You just expect things to be shit, so you're not constantly disappointed.

While you are also of course free to work yourself to death or starve to death or die of preventable illnesses.

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