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To be honest, everything that Netflix suggests to me as "in the top ten of shows" it's just some crap, that instantly goes onto my "son't want to ever watch" list there

Maybe get the hint, Netflix

TERF mention 

Must be really a pathetic excuse for a life, if you proudly identify yourself as a TERF

I guess ultimately fascism is just the distillation of conservatism. The ultimate "we won't ever come up with anything new, ever"

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trans pol (-) 

Also seriously, can the bigots come up with something new for once?

We don't "discuss" with you, because you seriously only have 1 base argument and we are sick and tired of it.

Come up with something fresh maybe, but I doubt you can. Because it's also the exact same argument you used against gay people before.

So, I doubt nazis ever can come up with anything new. Which also explains why they try the same shit over and over (even though they know it won't work)

trans stuff, german pol (-) 

Last new thing, since international women's day was just the announcement of a podium to try to fight TERFs, which is pretty good, but still.

I just wish they'd finally just do the thing and be done with it. I don't want the 1930s to repeat themselves

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trans stuff, german pol (-) 

Read something that could be prettynegative for the self-id future, but it's also just one nazi media outlet that reported it, so I am assuming they
a) just plain made shit up (not the first time)
b) blown things out of proportions (what they usually do)

Also read another negative article and then just looked who it is "catholic news reporter", said everything XD

A quote from The Feminist Killjoy Handbook on trigger/content warnings that is spot on.

"In fact, trigger warnings are better understood as techniques that can enable some people to remain in the room in order to have difficult conversations about distressing material. Trigger warnings are about providing more information, not less. They are not about putting an end to difficult conversations but enabling those with a history of trauma to participate in them."


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I really wish I knew a reliable way to get myself inspired to compose music.

Art works pretty well now, but music... nope

I have times, where I can make music, but most of the time, nope... and that's frustrating a lot

Anyone has any experience with how to commission people for commercial use?

I heard a lot of things, but never really anything concrete and would like to know if there are any pitfalls.


New, from the makers of the femmest fox, it’s the butchest vixen!

You know, humanity's biggest threat is not a revolting AI.

It's the upper class realizing they don't need servants anymore, because they made their perfect servants.

gender stuff 

Honestly, I'd really like more money, so I can commission more variants of me.

Like, more masc version maybe (with flat chest), femboy with and without boobs.

Don't get me wrong, I really like how I look here, as a butch trans woman, but dunno, sometimes I feel even more masc and sometimes being a femboy sounds super nice.

Biggest problem is just money.

gender weirdness 

Dunno, but saying "I'm a sexy dude", as my fursona, feels oddly good.

It's big Friday & it's time for baps! :whats_this: Bapman is about to zoom again, to chase down more baddies... in LEGO Batman! 🦇 :pupper_bap_hammer: ❓ ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Got some important stuff to talk about on stream today before we get to RimWorlding, but it's time to get going regardless -

There are times when I think that it would be a source of personal pride not to be human.

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