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Dunno, how one person can literally think that they can tell someone "Those who do things in your favor? Those are actually the bad people!
But those who mistreat your kind and do literally everything they can, to keep you miserable, are actually the good people here."

But she's also so caught up in nazi propaganda, she;d think her farts smell like lavender or vanilla, if they told her so.

And I really, really don't want to be forced to attend her wedding.

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personal crap (---) 

Got reminded, earlier this week, that my nazi sister* is going to marry her useful idiot this year

*who literally joined the NSDAP 2.0 and flies through the ranks
and who tells me that Beatrix von Storch** would be better for me than the green party***

**most prominent TERF and also the one who attacks trans people as often as possible

***The green party has several trans members, some of them in parliament and pushing the self ID law the most

Nazi parents: "Stay away from my kids, groomer."

Me: "Trust me, they're much worse off with their parents, than any, actual, pedophile could do to them."

German pol, transphobia 

Kinda wondering when we catch up with the "LGBT groomers" bullshit here and if the self-id law will come before that or after, if it comes at all.

Actually my hopes are getting more and more slim, that this law will do much good, but then again, I will only go through the current process as a very last resort.

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German pol, transphobia 

Oh, looks like we're getting into the LGB Alliance stuff here too now, with gay dudes (who have no saying in this anyway, but ya know, TERFs are not picky), say that the new self0ID law would hurt them.

Probably playing into the super old (coming from the 70s) stuff of playing trans folks against gay folks.

Reminder, back then you couldn't be both and medical personal said "You're just gay, not trans" to trans people a lot.

It's backup big Friday & it's time for zooms! :whats_this: The One Who Waits needn't wait much longer. It's time for fill out the flock... in Cult of the Lamb! 🐑🐏🐏🐏 ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

And stream is starting now!

Playing some Jak II - Renegade and see how that city life is treating us.

It ticks me off what an afterthought tea is to most coffee places. You have everything you need to make great tea. So why is it always just 3-4 kinds of tea in bags. Just put a little more energy into it.

I'm planning on stream Jak II - Renegade tomorrow at 3pm (CET), so tune in then :3

Alrighty, it's Saturday so that means it's stream time! Going live with more Dwarf Fortress! -

@Varghus They seem to be often shiny and gooey, if I’m honest? Two in particular, a bat and a noodle derg.

I just realized something, I am going to ponder for a bit.

Which is: Does my game actually need background music?

It gives it some extra flair, but I don't think it's actually necessary

To be honest, I know I have other things I need to do, but this music thing is all I can really concentrate on.

Even as I know, I have to do more urgently.

Is that what hyperixations feel like?

And I'm live with more Jak & Daxter - The Precursor Legacy!

Today, we try to go up the lava tube and NOT blow up (hopefully)

Pretty short notice, but I'm going to play Jak & Daxter in about half an hour!

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