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Need to add my beach city account to tusky here. Also probs gonna set that one up as my art account, if (or when) Twitter completely bites the dust

ill leave the text version for if/when it gets posted to our blog

but here is the finished little dragon!

CW meta, transphobia mention, nonconsensual broadcasting of hate 

For the record, here is my call-in to to other trans people who've newly arrived on fedi after the 'muskodus':
Please try to use CWs when talking about certain topics.
A lot of us here left twitter because having a non-stop broadcast feed of every piece of hate directed at us was doing a number on our mental health.
Nobody is saying not to talk about it, we're just asking to be given the option of choosing if we want to engage with that stuff at any particular moment rather than have it jammed into our eyeballs constantly.

CW meta, transphobia 

Expressing frustration is fine. What concerns me is the idea I'll have to see all the daily mail headlines, screenshots of hate speech, and the 'look at what the nazis said about us today' stuff. I left twitter so I would not have to see that day in day out, every day, unending. It was almost literally killing me.

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It's little Friday & time for a big (Friday) puppersized stream! :whats_this: ^-^ Vinnie done poofed, so we need to go sort things out, in LEGO City Undercover! ⭐
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

It's early week Friday & it's time for baps! :pupper_bap_hammer: :whats_this: The minions are restless, so it's time to take them out for some walkies... in Overlord! ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Planning to do a bonus stream tonight. Haven't decided what, though listening for suggestions. Regardless will be in about 2 hours. :heart_pink:

It's big Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: Anchordeep awaits more crusading sheepiness tonight... in Cult of the Lamb! 🐑 ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

It's midweek Friday & it's time for zooms! :whats_this: We've been lingering long enough in the frozen north & so it's time to power pup a certain sword... in Okami! ⚔️💮 ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Planning to do a bonus stream tonight. Not sure what yet, but in about 3 hours. :heart_pink:

It's backup-backup big Friday & it's time for zooms! :whats_this: With our Puppoween special shenanigans taken care of it's about time we continue the chase, in LEGO City Undercover! ⭐ ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Gravity Falls Show Finale spoilers 

Honestly, I wish Stanley's memories wouldn't have returned.

Yes, it would've been extremely sad, but it would've been a much better ending.

Things don't always end well and him sacrificing himself, for real, would've been such a sad but good ending.

But well, can't let heroes die, I guess.... Which is so fucking boring now

It's midweek Friday & it's time for more spoopiness! :whats_this: We left off last time in a bit of a pickle, but it's now time for the heroes to resolve it... in Costume Quest 2! 🎃🍬 ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

It's big Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: The spookiness continues tonight, when we return to the future, in Costume Quest 2! 🎃 ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

It's midweek Friday & it's time... for something special! :whats_this: We've waited long enough & so it's now time to open pup the Mystery Box again, to see what lies within! 🎃 ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

So starting stream, not sure if I do what I announced or do personal stuff, but we'll see.
Will be working on pixel animations, like always, so come watch me do the pixels!

That's it for the stream tonight. Thanks to everyone who popped by, I hope that you had fun & thanks to @maxine for joining me. :heart_pink: Should you want to try the pack yourself, you can now find it here

It's big Friday & it's time for a treat! :whats_this: There's a steaming mug on the table & the kettle is puptentially frothing, because it's finally time for the end & the beginning... of Puppercraft: Strawberry Twirl! 🐺🍵🍓🐮✨ :heart_pink: ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

It's midweek Friday & it's time to zoom! :whats_this: The flower zoomers have never been so shockingly zooming & thus it's time for more Okami, from Oni Island, with ⚡love⚡ ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Planning to do a bonus stream tonight. Haven't decided what just yet, but will be in a couple of hours. :heart_pink:

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