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Have you ever played, at least one of, my games?

It's little Friday & it's time to stream! :whats_this: We're suiting up & strapping in again, to go find more answers to all our yet unanswered questions, in Outer Wilds. 🌔 🚀 ^-^
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It's big Friday & it's time to bap bap! :pupper_bap_hammer: :whats_this: We're pulling out the Bap Hammer & putting on our fire proof chewies to hop back into Moocub Dungeons. 🔥 ^-^
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It's midweek Friday & it's time to get grifting! :whats_this: How does it work, when puppers play cards anyway... they have no thumbs & yet they keep playing! :heart_pink:
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Important lessons, wearing a tank top taught me.

You can be feminine without breasts. (Boobs good though)

Also you can be a fat butch woman and good looking

It's big Friday & it's time to stream! :whats_this: We're opening up the shop again tonight & heading out to chase a snek, for a bit of round two fun. :pupper_zoom: 🐍
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It's parent's Friday & it's time to take a breather! :whats_this: We're going on a cruise together...! A fabwuwous cwuise! ⛵ :heart_pink: ^-^
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It's big Friday & it's time for a mystery! :whats_this: The Big Bapple calls & then it calls again, but what is it saying...? We'll try to find out. ^-^
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PH (-), IBS 

The IBS roulette of abdominal pain.

Can I sleep through, or wake up with strong abdominal pains?

From the feelings, likely latter, but hope the first.

Update on it, because I felt like it.

Stylized the unbroken head more and added darkness effects to it.
This way, both heads look more similar.

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Also my avatar here is so great for serious admin stuff X3

"Bab admin has pulled out thr squeaky ban hammer"

Admin stuff, vulpine, block 

After assessing the situation and request from users, we decided to block vulpine dot club instance wide.

Admin stuff, vulpine 

Can someone give me a sum up about what happened with vulpine dot club?

It's big Friday & my feet are cold... I mean, it's time to stream! :whats_this: It's time to get back to the nyakuza & meet the nice kitty lady... even if she does take all our time pieces... ^-^;;
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Decided to do some art again. Was going to do a loading screen or something, but ended making a cover for it. Also decided on a name.

Name will be "Ember", but it transforms into "Ender" and I like it, as it shows the direction I like to go with this game.

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