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Honestly could use pride icon/banner, but also no money

It's parent's Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: Delving back & going in dry in the desert dungeon in Moolighter! :pupper_wag: ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

There is nothing more edgy than a sphere

because it has infinite edges

So, spent most of today moving and refining code to make a dungeon, only to find out, that I don't really like the end result.

It's not bad, just I have no control over certain things, it takes ages to create stuff and there are unnecessarily long corridors, that will bother players (at least me).

So looking for alternatives, but not working more today

Honestly I'm more of an axe lesbian, than a sword lesbian

You know, sex is great and all, but did you ever just sit in a room together and both of you do your own thing?

I think we should build a spaceship that is gonna fly one way to mars and then load it with people who come into unrelated conversations to mention harry potter

It's big Friday & it's finally time for the final fiery zooms! :whats_this: Returning one last time to the Forgotten Realms & to the world of Spyro in Year of the Dragon. :pupper_zoom: 🐉 ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Also this means, I am sure not able to finish this game until then (unless I do really unhealthy stuff)

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Just realized that my birthday is actually in exactly 14 days...

horror movie idea 

Horror movie, where the threat is, unironically, rich white joggers.

Because you know, once they show up, your neighborhood dies and everyone gets replaced with rich white people, who look all literally the same.

And yes, I'm living in a mostly poor neighborhood (surprise, surprise)

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So, I guess it's official. The bakery is gone already and the store, I usually go to, doesn't restock anymore either.

So, need to find another store (which are all further away), to go shopping for groceries.

By the way, the store isn't closing down, because it does bad. It actually does well.

City decided to demolish the house, it's in, and build a new one. Store goes back in after and fancy apartments above.
First step to kill the neighborhood.

Tank tops give me big amounts of gender euphoria, because I feel like a fat butch woman in them

So, kinda hoped to get the game ready to my birthday (though, realistically probably not)

But also wanted to rename the game to a legacy version, then have the new game take it's place, but not sure

Could also have it be "Self.destroy() v2.0" Or something, even though that sounds dumb

Do have other things to do, rather than name though, so we'll see, working game is "self_destroy_2" so far

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