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kinda just wanna sit in momma's lap, have my paci in, am safely diapered and just sit there until my eye lids are too heavy to force them open.

Just no worries at all, just enjoying being little with mommy and falling asleep, knowing I am totally save.

Talked with @ulvra, on her stream, about a game idea, because I wanna make a game with mini moo

So thinking of making a runner game, where mini moo has a sugar rush and you need to collect the cookies or the rush runs off and she flops over and falls asnooze

It's big Friday & times to zoom! :whats_this: The icky got ickier this week, so it's time to get digging... in Pupperframe! ^-^ :pupper_zoom:
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

For those curious, I also have a free demo version here:

It's the same version, as the one in that Patreon post, but with limited features.

Please feel free to try it out and give feedback.

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Little moo is really self confident. To the point she's obnoxious. But that's how I want her to be.

She's the fastest runner. The smartest girl. And especially the best cookie muncher!


Being little moo makes me genuinely happy


Little moo running off and shouting "you never catch meeeeeee!", because she doesn't want to go to bed. Only makes it into the living room, before she flops over and falls asleep immediately

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Tiny moo walking up to you and grabs your hand to pat her on the hand.

You've never seen her before, but she decided that you have to tell her that she's a good girl or she does a pout

Buy my game, because it's a good game and you give me symbolic head pats when you do

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money beg, but also self-promotion, boosts welcome 

Hey ugh, I'm working on this game right now.

Would love to see some sales on it though, because I'm kinda low on money and also mental health is shit and having some extra money would help.

Regardless, here's my game.


Someone tell me to go to bed and stuff a paci into my mouth and call me a good girl and pet me until I fall asleep

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