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Outer wilds ending (?) spoilers 

Still thinking about the ending and also.

I just love it, because you decide if you want it to end or not.

You have full freedom. Put the core back in, before the star goes super nova or don't and die and have an journey end.

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Mastodon dev, help appreciated, same as boosts 

OK, having an issue.

I tried to log into a local copy of this instance, to upgrade to 3.2 and also add some long needed stuff.

But regardless of what valid account I try it always tells me that I'd have to be logged in to see stuff,

Though I just tried that with valid credentials!

I just copied stuff over 1:1 from the last backup of today.

MH (~) 

Was also wondering why my sleep was rather bad lately, with also lots of other signs of exhaustion (I usually know from holding a job)

Then I realized that I'm doing a ton of emotional labor right now.

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MH (~) 

Kinda just been hit hard with the realization, that the only real friends, I had as a kid, where my plushies.

Outer wilds ending (?) spoilers 

Yeah, it's the end and I leave it like that for a little, at least.

Gonna pick it up at a later time and finish exploration. Need to go back to the Ash Twin Project probably and don't remove the core this time.

But god damn is that a good ending for me.

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Outer wilds ending (?) spoilers 

I told Chert that we're still in a time loop.

I don't know, I just wanted for them to feel good, even though I know this is likely the end.

I don't know if this is the end? But I hope it is.

There is still much to explore, but I also just want it to end and to not repeat.
Just one last time, enjoying the super nova with Chert.

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Outer wilds ending (?) spoilers 

Gonna have a few last marsh mallows, for this last cycle.

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Outer wilds ending (?) spoilers 

So, I found the Ash Twin project.

Now I'm conflicted.

I removed the core and gone to Chert.

One the one paw I want to rush back, insert the core again and explore more.

On the other paw, I just want to watch the super nova once last time, with Chert.

I think I do that. One last time.

Apparently most on f-list: this is just a character, who has nothing to do with me and I just like to pretend to be

Me: sometimes I'm forced to pretend to be human and it sucks a lot. Also these are not characters. They're head mates and f-chat is actually quite good at giving them their own room

Sleep more or stay up? Too be honest, both don't really great

genetic mother vs chosen mother 

So, when I'm with my mommy I can be little and safe and she cares about me and protects me and she's just really good at it.

When I then think about if I did that with my genetic mom or would do the same with her, it just burns into my mind how little I trust that woman.


Kinda hungry, but also not having an appetite/low energy

Outer wilds spoiler, big spoiler in picture! 

This is where I am so far.

Some (not spoiler) hints to get to the rest would be nice.

Like how do I get into the quantum tower on brittle hollow?

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Outer wilds spoiler 

Also I really don't want to go to the vessel.

I really don't like those angler fish at all.

Don't have too much left though. Mostly the quantum stiff, the vessel, some stuff in the temporary nomai settlement on Brittle Hollow and the ash twin project as well as the sun station.

But with the last two, I have no clue how to get to them (sun station I can get onto via the Ash Twin warp power, but that's it)

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Outer wilds spoiler 

Honestly I shold come to Chert more often.

It's kinda nice, to spend your last moments with someone and watch your sun go super nova.

Well, until you wake up again, I guess.

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Outer wilds spoiler 

Chert: "The end is now. Nothing matters. We are all lost!"

Me: "OK, time for some roasted marsh mallow."

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