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It's not only Friday, it's big Friday & it's time to bap & zoom! :whats_this: Finally it's time to step through the Special Door(TM) in the world of Guacamelee 2. :pupper_wag: ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

because I woke up, humming the hall of the mountain king

It's still a little WIP, because there is some variety and finale missing, but I am happy with it how it is right now.

very lewd 

Also I kinda like that the word "radioactive" kinda suggests that people might have known it's existence mostly because it was interfering with their favorite radio show X3

Btw. around WW2 uranium glass wasn't produced anymore, because uranium was used for other purposes.

Later in the 50 it would've been possible again, but the bad stuff radiation does to you was much more common sense then, so nobody really wanted to buy radioactive glass (which isn't too radioactive though)

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Now where comes the green light association?

From uranium glass.

Yep, in the early 20th century (and 19th century), people used uranium glass. It's quire pretty and also (relatively) save.

It doesn't have enough radiation to poison you, when not worn constantly.

Anyway, this glass is also fluorescent and emits a green light when doing so.

As it was the most common source of radioactive material, that's likely where it comes from.

Though, I have no proof of that.

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Ever wondered where the association between green light and radioactivity comes?

It's not because radioactive material produce green light. They actually produce blue light (if any).

The blue light is called Cherenkov radiation and is similar to the sonic boom of super sonic vehicles.

It's super interesting in itself and worth a look up, so go check it out.

I just saw that the year 2038 problem puts systems onto a Friday the 13th!



Also I love to use the Y2K problem as an example of how humans misinterpret thread.

Thousands of people worked hard in the lat 90s to make it not break everything.

And because nothing broke, people think there were never a problem.

It's always the same.

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Anyone remember the really bad Y2K explanations?

Like "The year 2000 problem is, that computers think it's 1900 instead."

And I never understood why computers would care if it's 2000 or 1900 if they just use the last two digits anyway.

Well, the year 2038 problem made me realize why Y2K was a problem at all and how that stuff works.

And thanks to capitalism, those are even problems at all.

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After spending the entire day fiddling with a heat exchanger in minecraft, I finally had to accept

that I can't do it in the space available and have to make my evil lair even bigger, because there needs to be a turbine fitted in and also need to fit in a condenser/water pre-heater

This is just a large setup, but also fun because it is.

The same space had 4 solid fuel reactors occupied before. Now it is just stage 1 and 2 of 4 stages for the molten salt reactor

Moo roleplay adventures 


Also for people wondering, I'm mostly working on a Minecraft mod pack right now.

Though I also want to work on other games more again.

But right now, this is stuff I can just do a little at a time.

And I don't really have good story ideas for other games honestly.

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