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How to shut up trans girl subs 

Call them cute.

Not getting much done, but little by little, I guess

Switch projects again and reworking Self.destroy right now

This is brought to you, by moo usually being the tanky one, who charges into battle and /then/ thinks it was a bad idea doing so.

Also puzzles suck

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If I were a DnD character, I would be a tall bovine, with big knockers and a huge axe or hammer as a weapon.

Also my motto would be: If you can't solve a problem by bashing your head against it. use your hammer to smash it!

Capitalism is about doing shit things and then blaming others for them, so you can extort more money out of them.

It's finally Friday & moostakes will most certainly be made! :whats_this: Tonight some more chaos and sausages, but definitely no vampires... in Moogicka! :pupper_zoom:
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

MH (-) 

So got a call from my parents today and well.

Tomorrow both my grandmothers have their birthday.

So my parents asked me if I want to attend and I first said yes and then bailed.

I just remembered then that I still recover from the last birthday gathering and I shouldn't go to another already.

So gonna do some calls tomorrow.

plural stuff, kinda lewd adjacent maybe 

Though still felt like I needed to get some off today and well.

All I can say, is that things are pretty different when I front and also it's fun.

Also moo still around, so is Sabby, but I stick around a little longer, probably.

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plural stuff, kinda lewd adjacent maybe 

So, not moo here. Moo is probably a middle between us two. Not sure who I am really. I don't really have a name, nor do I need one, I guess.

Anyway, I'm pretty much the opposite of Sabby (gender identity and sexuality wise), like really lesbian and super feminine.

Also big pregnant bellies are super good and a great aesthetic on me.

Anyway, seems also when I'm more active our body is like not really needing to get off.

Not like when Sabby is around.

MH (+) 

Starting to feel better. Getting back to three meals a day, self cooking and going to bed earlier.

Still taking it slow, but it helps

Played too much minecraft, so now my brain completes "mb" to milibuckets

I think the highlight of my fedi experience will always be:

"Being human sucks, because nobody gonna pet you."

plural, toy 

Being toy good.

Still need to figure things out.

Like feral or not or just being a toy, a data structure or what I am.

At least I know I'm not a person and my pronouns are it/its

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I guess I need another account, because well.

Stuff I wanna say doesn't fit here nor on Sabby's account. Because it's neither one of us, but hey.

I'm toy and I like being property, because being a person sucks.

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