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Trying to define stuff more in soft goals with this game.

Like: Multiplayer would be nice, but if it doesn't happen, that's OK too"

Star Trek DS9 quote 

The only ethical cow tipping, is when you buy one of my games and give me more money than I asked for.


Lately I just kinda like laying on my sofa.

Didn't pay it much attention before, but it's really nice doing that

Mid week Friday is here & it's time for something nice! :whats_this: Tonight back to Puptia to zoom about in the white mud of winter. :pupper_zoom:
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

MH, negative, "the neurotypicals" 

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MH, negative, "the neurotypicals" 

Implemented a fractal noise function in Gamemaker Studio 2

Then complain about it not looking good.

Then remembering, that I actually put parameter onto the function that would solve that issue.

Me smat.

out of context moo 

The first time I saw "DDR" used by folks from the USA, was really confusing.

Because "What has dancing to do with the country I was born in?"

Robot kink, kinda lewd 

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Robot kink, kinda lewd 

When can I finally upgrade my body and make all parts of it replaceable with other parts?

MH kinda, jobs (-) 

One of my favorite sayings is: "Tradition is, when rituals lost all of their meaning."

Culture hot take 🔥 

Testing 1.1TB of file data seem to take some sweet time apparently.

Started it 10am this morning. It's now 11pm

It always hurts me when I have to lie on the internet.

Each time I have to check: "I'm not a robot"

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