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lmao holy shit

you know how people talk about "juice" in video games? like the little things that make the game feel better, like hitstun and screenshake and all that

someone made a juicy text editor

Would prefer to draw and work on my game, but well.

Can't work on anything or play games and my socialist remarks don't seem to be found very entertaining by others

Fedi entertainment: just scroll down until you read your own posts

Bored, because can't do anything fun, because visitors

Played my game on my Linux laptop and actually had to make symlinks to fake an older library X3

available is, but needed is

Just hope the ABI is compatible enough

OK, did quite a bit of work today.

All mechanics are done, so all that is left is balancing and touching up graphics.

I feel some of them fell out when I reworked the game interface (of the main game)

Also want to change some texts and add credits.

Not much and it is a playable game.

Sadly won't be able to do it before my birthday, most likely, but it's close!

OK, kinda stuck on this one.

What I want:
When player seen - plot path to player
If player lost - plot path to starting point, then resume patroling path

Kinda stuck on the return and resume part.

Not sure how to best make sure that the path is a) set once only and b) set at the right time

Mostly a) is a problem though

So updates:

pathes work best, just had to do them properly

Mostly everything done, just some bugs to remove

Need to better reset and set paths

What I want is, to chase the player, if they are too close and if the player is lost, to return to the start position and then patrol again

Works so far, just the "return to start position and patrol again" buggers up the patrol itself

Sound for the enemy done, right now on moving.

Found out that pathes don't do what I want really, so I do something custom instead, that also allows more exploration.

Just need to debug it, as it's not moving properly.

Time for some debugging.

Probably me mixing up direction values again

Today is going to be quite a busy day.

Probably need tomorrow too, though we have visitors, so might have to do it Tuesday or Wednesday, though Wednesday is bad again, because then is my birthday

Also I would love to get this game released before my birthday...

It's post-Friday Friday & time for a stream! Tonight back to the world of terrible decisions... Dark Souls. ^-^;;
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

OK, did some more work today.

Ranged enemy is done. They have three phases, where one is more dangerous than the other.

Have fun exploring them :3

Now only the meelee enemy is left, then maybe some touching up.

And just to finish it off.

I knew that management and marketing is extremely inefficient and bad, but not at this scale.

Holy fucking shit is this horrible, but apparently the best system we got, huh?

Get the revolution going, to finally get a system that's more efficient.

This status gave me reason to say that.

The mentioned article is based around AdTech, but the reasons for why marketing people/manager do things is what got me most.

"The most important is that you had a huge budget!"

Also that they have literally no clue at all what they doing and rely on people telling them (who want to make the most money themselves)

It all just is so extremely bad and shows how inefficient capitalism is.

The more I learn about how management and marketing works, the more and more certain I am that it needs to be dismantled.

Like the amount of artificially bloating your importance up is just tremendous and out of any proportions, anyone could imagine.

And all to the expense of the many

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Friday is here & it's time for a stream! Tonight back to Pupper Farms in Stardew Valley with @maxine. :pupper_wag: :heart_pink:
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