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Need to decide what the actual objective for my next game should be.

Like what are conditions to win/lose/end game and what is the player actually supposed to do.

I have ideas, but can't really decide, because I feel like this game should have different mechanics.

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Pro tip for game making:
Don't expect your first game to be complex or good.

It will be pretty basic and you will make a lot of mistakes.

You won't do it the proper way, but that's good.

You learn how to do things and each new game will be better and more complex.

Also trying out top down perspective and how to create a game with it.

This is the current result of it

Apparently Pro Motion NG updated on me and some stuff changed, so it isn't like I used it and it bothers me.

I think today I should dedicate to decide on mechanics for my next game and what graphics I want to include (aka what I need to draw)

Also ultimately decide on the platform to make it on.
Though I think game maker is the better choice because of (angled, frontal) top down view

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I think for my next game, I concentrate more on practicing my art skills, than mechanics.

So it will be a pretty simple maze puzzle game, but I force it to be proper top down graphics.

And my second is release :3

Mooventure: Icy Dreams

Moo fell asnooze and dreams of being trapped on an ice field. She has to capture snacks now and pet pupper!

It's an Asteroids inspired game, with bounce and the ability to pet a pupper 💜

"Yare yare daze...."

Art of Renge as Jotaro because their personality matches perfectly. Drawn by my pal CytricAcidArt on twit!

Files uploaded, last bugs fixed (i want to fix) and well.

Just need to make a few mote images and theme the itch side, then I'm done and release my second pico game!

So, I just tried myself a little on top down character art.

Made a moo and I think it is decent?

Front and back view

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i just learned about inflation, didnt know such a niche fetish has such and impact on the economy

Prepping my next game for release.

Good thing about making your own games: You also have to test them

Anyway, I'm adjusting a few things and let a friend play test them, so we can balance it out a little.

Then redoing the video I made and finishing the page

smash that like button if u would let her cuddle u forever

(aaaarttt by @roxy uwu)

Anyways I'm mouse 🐭 and I'm gonna start posting more here again

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