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Yay! Finally found an old game I was trying to somewhat recreate!

And I found it and downloaded a rom for it and play it right now (legally I can do that, because I'm in the EU and own a copy of the original)

The game is named "Columns" for the Sega Master System

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DId you know that the Source engine (the stuff Half Life 2 and such runs on) relies on SDL for the Linux/Mac ports?

So plans for next game is the following:

The name will be "Glitch" and it will be a game about malfunctions, helping and consequences.

Did you know that has a downloadable app thingy, like steam?

But other than steam, it is open source and also itch is much better anyway

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Alright, here we are :heart_pink: all the data hash locations with map, pictures and description to find them. Hope it helps. :heart_pink: :pupper_wag:

Probably the best way to show your clients that you are just a lying piece of shit, where "value privacy" means "please consent to us selling your data, because stupid laws make us"

imgur: "We value your privacy"

Me, having cookies to most data hoggers blocked: *changes page, while logged in and log in working*

imgur: "We value your privacy"

Me: *changes page again, still logged in*

imgur: "We value your privacy"

Today I found a spinny thingy and then I bapped a button. It began zooming faster and faster, then went boom... then I showed moo and it went boom again. :pupper_zoom:

I like to look through to see if I can find music to use and sometimes you just find the right stuff first try!

I think I use these in my next game:

So, all builds done. Just need to let someone test the x86 build (not 64 bit) and then everything is done.

So, I think the windows builds are done with.

Just need to cleanup the repo and probs document a bunch, then make the Linux builds and then I am just needing to make arts and then it can be shipped

I have an page already for it, which goes live as soon as I have the remaining stuff

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