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Web 3.0 when you don't have time lines anymore, but time parallelograms

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Playing Frostpunk and even before starting a game I have a complain.

"Cities fell into anarchy and were eventually buried in snow" (adapted quote from memory)

You mean chaos. Anarchy is not a synonym for chaos. I know it is a very common misconception, but for fucks sake.

This doesn't have anything to do with the game of course, but just for fucks sake.

Things I did today:

Read out color palettes from PNG files.

Sort those color palettes by luminosity.
Created a palette that has the 8 xterm base colors as gray scale luminosities.

Using the base gray scale palette to create 4/8 color palette schemes and match all the color palettes I have onto those two types, so that I can use both interchangeably in code

More or less you can pick from over 50 color palettes now, in my game

Looking through reviews on the Metro Redux bundle and it is kinda hilarious

It is reviewed mostly bad now, but not because the game is bad.

But because deep silver pulled exodus from steam and it is just hilarious, because

as if deep silver cares by now XD

And now to completely ruin the mood of my previous toot by pointing out that me, @maxine and @ulvra got 69 points in the Index earlier. (Before going to win it, ofc.)

Honestly, the most exposure I have to Twitter today is through my butt.

This isn't even meant sarcastic or ironic, it's just true

Anyone heard good about Frostpunk?

I mean, is it socialist good or just capitalist bad?

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Today is interface designing day and that also raises many questions about the capabilities of my game engine.

This is super hard, because I have to decide what is possible and what isn't.

Like should I keep the current interface and have a "normally" playable game or concentrate more on the view of synths and don't allow "normal" gameplay.

Problem: need to restart the router but don't know where it is.

Solution: switch off power to the entire apartment for a minute

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