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I made an update on my price list (commissions) and also patreon rewards.

Here is the full post:

Happy pride to all the asexuals

from your local asexual dragon boy- :heart_ace:

You ever read a (right wing) article, where they beg you for money and think "To be completely honest, you should pay ME money for having to read this crap)

@EeveeEuphoria hmm, have to have that added, after I started using it.

Not that I stop using it though, because what ya gonna do, sue me? lol

Them: "Sir, this person is a babyfur and thus them using my niche software is illegal!"
Court: "That;s it???"

It's midweek Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: We're back to the old, so what better way than with some Stardew Valley! 🏡 ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Planning to do a bonus stream tonight. Will be in about 2½ hours. :heart_pink:

@niki guess I just have to visit you, so we can go to burger king

trans stuff and right wing bullshit 

@EeveeEuphoria oh, I just remembered!

The author of this crap is actually a firm opponent of a right for abortions for everyone here and openly mocked sexual abuse survivors in a couple of books.

So yeah, about those special rights...

re: trans stuff and right wing bullshit 

@IrisKalmia yeah, fascists always only care about one thing

grabbing power, at literally any cost.

trans stuff and right wing bullshit 

I have always have to laugh, when right wing nutjobs talk about the "transgender political lobby", because holy fucking shit, if we had any political power, that would be awesome.

But I mean, they lie about so many other things, one more thing doesn't hurt, right?

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trans stuff and right wing bullshit 

@EeveeEuphoria oh yeah, true, forgot that.

Also because you have a womb, you are inherently inferior of course, that's not sexism, that's science /sarc

trans stuff and right wing bullshit 

Also love the "women are inherently ingerior to men, this is not sexism, it's just fact. And that's why women need special rights" bullshit.

Like, suuure XD

I really wanna know if these people actually listen to themselves.

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trans stuff and right wing bullshit 

So, how far what I get from this bullshit:

"You have a womb, so you have to have special rights."

Which, sure.... it just completely ignores centuries of history, which trans women also suffer under, btw.

But I mean, it at least gets a lot simpler when you realize it's just an excuse to say "I want trans people dead", in a polite way.

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trans stuff and right wing bullshit 

Oh look, we are already at the "sex based rights" bullshit here, which has literally no grounds other than some fascist myths.

🐁 when the 🐁 and 🐁 are the 🐁🐁 is 🐁

It's done! I officially have #progress pride #mugs before pride month starts!

I'm a disabled #trans artist and I hand-press all of these mugs - by myself!

I made a set with two pride progression pride mugs on etsy:

#FediGiftShop #PrideMerch

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