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@SapphicGiraffic so, if I feel disgusted at what I did, it's art

and the more disgusted I feel, the more art is is

Sounds fair

Sometimes perseverance is constructive, but at other times, it’s maladaptive and harmful.

I wish we didn’t teach young people that grinding away at a pursuit that isn’t a good fit for you (or isn’t anymore) is a character-defining virtue.

There is joy in quitting, peace in knowing when to move on, dignity in valuing your work and your time on earth enough not to spend it in ways that don’t fulfill you.

(When you can. When it’s safe. When you have the choice. Sometimes you don’t.)

Admin stuff, instance wide blocks 

Just saying that I'm going forward to block @/ and @/ (found the former as a mutual of the latter)

Both are transmisandrists and align themselves with TERFs (on the matter, that literally every man is evil)

So, to protect this community, both will be blocked.

The instances, in question, are not suspended. Just the individual accounts.

I knew i was a lesbian before i knew i was trans, and other sentences that cis people can't wrap their head around

Today I learned, there is actually (yet another) a term for trans TERFs

This time on the "all men (no exceptions) are bad" axis

fediblock (transmisandry, false accusation) 

ieji[dot]de - since yesterday they host a self-proclaimed baeddelist with the username of sasakoto/osakæddel (for the newbs: imagine if terfism was mapped on trans scale - women can do no harm and all men are evil: baeddelism is also known as TIRFism) that purposefully spread misinfo about the instance I'm on (plus me and admin in particular)

there have been several reports sent to the admins of ieji, but nothing has been done about it.

if you or your friends are there (especially trans men and transmasc ones) I'd recommend either moving to other instances or at least blocking the baeddelist in question as she seems to target specific individuals

this is one of the most prominent examples of the misinfo:

Trans issues 

Finally, after two days of struggle, I got my fucking shoes, just because I used my real name and not my dead name.

I just pretended that I'm a different person, picking the shit up, so my ID card would fit. But fucking hell, is this just bullshit and I just want to use my real name for shit.

The cat just went over to the HomePod mini on my desk, meowed at it, and Siri said "sure here is some music for you" and the cat perched on the window sill listening to Garbage and Elliott Smith.

I just want to know how long this has been going on.

@EeveeEuphoria you're just saying that, because you don't know that there is only a skunk, chasing a squirrel in my head

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