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It's midweek Friday & it's time for zooms! :whats_this: The end approaches, though there's still treasures to sniff for, but who knows, we may even ascend tonight... in Okami! ☀️ ^-^
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Let's continue Jak II Renegade!

We're going to pay the Baron a visit and see where things take us after that.

Me: I wish more people would join Mastodon.

Twitter: *gets bought by the world's richest douchebro and people flee*

Me: I wish our group would play PF2E.

D&D: *gets nuked by WotC trying to screw over the entire community*

Me: Maybe I shouldn't have picked up this monkey's paw.

Gonna stream more Jak II in about 2h from now.

Just feeling like it.

@kathan well, they won't. They just wait for you to mumble your password in your sleep

@dragonarchitect mood and very accurate description of the common linux experience

Back to Jak II, Renegade and to save the most important character of the entire franchise!

Come watch me play, over at

I'm thinking about streaming later. So this is a tentative stream announcement in about 2h.

Might be too tired though.

The calipers I bought for prototyping and 3D printing came today— I should have paid more attention! It’s imperial!? WTF. what kind of creep takes measurements in “hundredths of inches” ?

The depravity continues with fractional measurements all around the dial allowing monstrous numbers like “13.5 16ths of an inch. “ No.

I just need to find someone to pawn this cursed item off on and i’ll buy another.

Waiting in the cold, until my neurologist appointment is close enough, so I can continue waiting inside.

@EeveeEuphoria I'm making games for close to 4 years now (and pixel art as long) and am also surprised it's that long.

In the end, state driven AI might use up more power per mob, as I have to pathfind for every mob, but I can mitigate that.

Also I can control behavior more easily and can use more efficient path finding algorithms, like A*

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