texas shooting, more acab 

@radicalrobit To make this even worse.

I've seen stuff that cops ran in, to save their own children.

So, the fuck???? Other's not allow to save their kids, kids getting slaughtered, because pigs too cowardly

Hey periodic reminder that I make games and you can find them here:

Most are free or have at least a free demo!

It's midweek Friday & it's time for zooms! :whats_this: There's some monkey business going on, so we're heading off into the stars once more, for more Starbound with Tincan! πŸš€ ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

i made a keyboard that looks like two slices of toast with eggs on them

eggy toast breadboard

It's big Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: The gamemaster has boarded & it's time to joing with the party, to set sail, in Spiritfarer! 🌟 ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

It's midweek Friday & it's time for zooms! :whats_this: We're talking off into the stars, in the search of light, dark & the licky treats that lie between... in Starbound! πŸš€ :pupper_wag: ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

@behold3r I hope they abolish the entire TSG here soon. At least they promised

It's big Friday & it's time to zoom! :whats_this: It's been 100 years, but Orochi is finally defeated, yet the journey has only just begun... in Okami! β˜€οΈ :pupper_zoom: ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

It's little Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: We're tossing on our princess frock & turning some hearts tonight, to find our way to truth... in King's Quest! 🏹 :heart_pink: ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

Planning a bonus stream tonight. What will depend on how I feel once we get there, but it'll be in about 2 hours. :heart_pink:

It's big Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: It's time to return to where it all began, the Zariman Ten Zero... in Pupperframe! :heart_pink: ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

It's midweek Friday & it's time to wake pup! :whats_this: It was all just bad dreams, definitely pupsibly... in King's Quest! πŸΉπŸ‘‘πŸ’€ ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

Gift art for @ulvra for her pupsday today <3

She's a very good girl after all and enjoys a day on the beach :3

I'm planning to do a smaller bonus stream tonight. :heart_pink: Will probably just be something casual. It'll be starting later than usual, probably about 4 hours from now and so also be a bit shorter.

It's backup big Friday & it's time for zooms! :whats_this: We're powering up the flower zoomers, heading back to Kamiki in time for the Festival of the Moon... in Okami! πŸŒ• :heart_pink: ^o^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

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