@kathan literally all of the, once very diverse, European belief systems

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Maybe I also have to make my own mod, where you get a machine that materializes stuff from RF alone (and thus have a reason to get butloads of energy)

Thinking similar to ProjectE, but using a more compatible approach.

Balancing might be an issue, but it could be fun and totally my thing.

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Thinking of building my own mod pack

Because often enough mod packs don't satisfy my, because people usually don't want to think about things.

Though I love to build reactors and fiddle with them and use them for things.

Sadly most mod pack creators prefer you just waist the energy, because why not.

So I kinda would like to make a pack, where it is essential you build good designs and they have use.

@compufox @IceWolf I like how everyone after garg was just "This is a really bad idea and here is why:"

and good it's closed

@compufox @luna omg, I just read that reply myself and it's literally "I'm too lazy to read things/understand how culture works, so I also like to remove agency from people"

Like seriously,. And the proposal reminds me of ancap reasoning, honestly.

Let's remove CW and make sure everyone knows how to use hastags instead, so we can filter hash tags.

<sarcasm>Because we can't filter CW </sarcasm>

Soooo, looked at my finished projects and it took me from february to april (start feb, mid-late april).

I also had better mental health there (because HRT stuff actually progressed).

Also realizing I developed that game in my new apartment too.

Anyway, I guess hiding in modded moocraft for a month doesn't feel as bad anymore.

Friday is here & it's time for zooms... magic zooms! :whats_this: Tonight some more Moogicka with @maxine. :pupper_zoom:
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

What do you mean magical forest witch with untold mystical powers Madam Razz from Dreamworks's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is not a realistic transition goal?!

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@cozykaffe I usually just play octavia and give music support (literally, you can play any music with her and it gives your team buffs)

or play other frames, because I wanna be big bulky lady or just set things on fire

@cozykaffe at least they try to mix it up now (with staged boss fights and unique boss mechanics), but yeah the common high end enemies just have a buttload of health and armor, you have to chew through

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@Motodrachen had weird dreams but they were actually pleasant for once

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