OK, art stream is life now.

Gonna finish a weight gain piece and maybe some more, we'll see!

Come join me at picarto.tv/MaxineRed

It's backup backup big Friday & we're doing our zooms, a bit delayed! :whats_this: Things got out of control & to make matters worse, we've gotten ourselves exiled off to the woods, but that's not going to stop the Chase... in Lego City Undercover! ⭐ ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

Starting up stream now!
Commission work for a TTRPG (drawing portraits for the different species)

Come and join if you like!


The EVE AT starts tomorrow and trials run the next two weekends. Schedule didn't show up till today but now that it has I'm pondering moving my big Friday stream back two days. Will decide tomorrow, but is likely.

It's midweek Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: The pesky elves have been waiting long enough. It's time to pull out the weed killer... in some more Overlord! 👿 ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

Planning to do a bonus stream tonight. Not sure what yet, but it'll be in about 2 hours. :heart_pink:

It's big Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: There's ice cream on the menu tonight... ice cream & crime... in LEGO City Undercover! 🍨⭐ ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

And streaming for a bit. I have planned a few smaller things and one bigger thing, so let's go!


It's parent's Friday & it's time to zoom! :whats_this: The flower zoomers are powering pup, because it's time for some Dragon Ball W... in Okami! 💮 ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

It's backup big Friday & it's time to zoom! :whats_this: Probably won't be the longest zooms tonight, but we'll zoom none the less... for Kahl! For his brothers! ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

OK, streaming now! Doing the pixels again, this time with a commission! (Which you can also get one, if you like!)

Today it's going to include hypnotizing, goo, null bulges and skunk drones and a "poor" doggo.

Come watch me! picarto.tv/MaxineRed

OK, streaming now!
Come watch me drawing pixel art. Today some weight game and some corruption art is planned. We'll see how far I get. The weight gain will be first!


Gonna stream some art again. Plan is to work on two more complex animations, one twinning TF and another kobold vore scene.

Come join and watch me draw pixels picarto.tv/MaxineRed

It's big Friday & it's time to stream! :whats_this: The One Who Waits won't have to wait much longer, for it's time again, for some more Cult of the Lamb! 🐑 ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

Still streaming over here. Also on stream commissions are open, so you see what I'm doing when working on your piece!


Streaming art over at picarto.tv/MaxineRed come join!

Going to be some nudity coming up and more TF ideas. Planned are at least 3h of stream

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