@flaplette it's OK. You find something you can do hun and if you need help or wanna ask something or just need hugs, I'm here for you

Question. Is it weird to credit a head mate in a game credits?

Like Sabby makes most art


OK, sabby is not really the best cook.

Everything that could burn, burned (even the paper bags we used.

Sausages burned too, but it should still be a decent meal

Genital talk, Sabby 

Also we kinda made a decision and will order a picture of it soon.

Sabby willl get alternative genitals, meaning the boy gets a vagina.

Which isn't permanent, but we like to offer it in play, to try it out. I think it could be good to try that aspect be a little (Sabby being trans boy)

Talk about gender, cis people 

How to spot the cis person.

Start talking about gender and follow the complains about people being "obsessed with gender" and "people are people, not labels"

I mean, sure. My gender is part of my identity though, that why it is called "gender identity"

Today in F-Chat public room.

Two plural systems exchange their experiences.

@behold3r @kat he's just really cool to hang out with.

Also they unionized and decided that Kat is their boss, who works for them

@Kaffe stream brutal legend and find out the brutal truth (that you're correct)

Stuff like brutal legend or just shape and beats actually does get dmca a lot

MH (~) 

@ulvra I know and pupper and niki are the biggest exceptions.

There are a few others too, but not many.

MH (~) 

Sometimes I wonder if I just a bad pet or if it's my brain telling me I'm failing.

But dunno, most relationships with people just die off sooner or later and it sucks

Ideas for boss versions of yesterday enemies.

More info in the picture descriptions again.

Not sure if I do more or not. Not feeling the best, but also nothing else really to do.

Anyway, enjoy this concepts for Self.destroy() bosses!

PH (-) 

Bowels/abdomen are pretty unhappy still

Also pretty tired, because was woken up by abdominal pain.

Should probably eat something, but also want to sleep more

Now the biggest question is:
Snooze more or just stay up?

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