@noracodes my bank: {lease baware phishing emails!"

Also my bank: "Sends emails, that literally look like phishing emails"

if you use patches for HRT I highly recommend covering them with tegaderm patches (the kind they use for IVs) it stops any gunk from building up around the patch and keeps it on for the entire 3-4 days

I think there is a lot of improvement from this furaffinity.net/view/48888380/

To this furaffinity.net/view/50532507/ (comparing the running animations)

there is a lot of improvement in the animation and I don't try to push certain things anymore.

Still dunno what style I wanna use for stuff though

If I could make a game with this look, that would be cool, but also never gonna happen furaffinity.net/view/44472540/

What I'm doing mostly, is to either take inspiration from other art styles, to create my own

or start with forms, I know work, and progress from there.

Also I do see improvement over time, but it;s just no easy way for me, I guess

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Honestly, I kinda just feel fucked over, because there is no (easy) art technique I could use, because I have

a) aphantasia, so I can't see how the thing I want is supposed to look like

b) limited depth perception, so I also can't imagine/see simple 3D shapes

Need to get my fat beef butt up and go to the electronics store close by, honestly.

So I can buy a cheap USB to wifi adapter and a power socket splitter

It's midweek Friday & it's time for a stream! :whats_this: It's been a long while, but it's finally time to break the big 2 year mark... so let's get ourselves a little cozy, on Bappington Farm, in Stardew Valley. 🏡 :heart_crown: ^-^
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

New and updated gender, now with 20% more gender in every gender.

friendly reminder to any person (or payment processor) that's confused

the A in ABDL is for ADULT :meowglare:

#Patreon #Stripe #MasterCard

@wolfennar so I can pet you *pets lots*

And to tell you that you're a very good dog girl

Also Putin and Biden are both leaders of fascist imperialist states and both are bad.

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Here is an idea: maybe all authoritarian ruling systems are bad, regardless of the underlying economic system

This area has a nazi problem since I can remember and it's only getting worse.

The only good thing is that other stickers got removed and/or damaged. So there are other people here who do good.

Few in between most likely, as most turn s blind eye to it.

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