@ulvra : 🐺❤️🍆
Me: Pupper, that's lewd
Pupper: Pupper innocent and loves aubergines

Not feeling so great today, but moo surprised me with a secret game and I love it. :heart_pink:

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"See, the value of stories isn't in telling you there *are* monsters, Stardust. It's in showing you they can be kicked square in the down-belows" ~Ticker :heart_pink:

never again feel dysphoria from recaptcha

#recaptcha-anchor-label {
font-size: 0 !important;
line-height: 0 !important;

#recaptcha-anchor-label::before {
content: "I'm a robot";
font-size: 14px;

@KitsuneAlicia I like the approach of "we tricked rocks into thinking for us" on the hardware side

@DragonessDella That's OK though.

It took me 20 years of coding to get to it properly, honestly and it's still not one of my favorites.

Just a change of palette can do /a lot/

First one is pico8 palette, second is a 32 color palette (softmilk)

I only changed pixel color values and didn't add/remove any pixels

Someone should do a Genesis/Mega Drive game starring their own fursona and we could be playful rivals hehehe

Most used color palette by me: Softmilk

It's a really good color palette OK and the name has absolutely nothing to do with it at all!

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Before I start on any art project, I really need to clean up my art project folders....

I started a platformer some time ago and made some art for it, but stopped when having to code it (as it was for the pico 8 and that console is making you work hard to get a platformer going)

So I am porting the art to Game Maker now and do it there instead.

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Physical things I achieved today:

Carrying a electric oven into the 4th floor of a building (without an elevator)

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