Did some more drawing, so have a animation of the User Interface and also some drawings of how the start and end might look.

The numbers on top represent quest markers

re: MH, RP 

@Oneironott Having partners that do is a blessing.

And I'm happy I usually bump into folks who understand that need.


Soooo, kinda got the realization that maybe having ADHD and having a hard time picking up RPs, might be connected???

Like, I don't like RPs that go over several sessions and prefer to have all in one shot and if we have to take a break, I prefer to start fresh.
Because having to pick things up is really pretty hard.

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@SapphicGiraffic I think you're cute giraffe girl

unhelpful nonsense 

@SapphicGiraffic I'm fat and windows doesn't like me

MH, cPTSD, trauma, babyfur 

So babyfur group chat brought parental control as a way to feel little. I get it and it's valid, that's not the point.

The point is, that it made me realize something.

If someone did that to me, even in a 100% safe space, even if I trust them 110%, it would lead to me panicking and losing all trust to them immediately.
My parents used "protecting me" to hurt me over and over and over and the scars are too deep to heal.

Hey @kat
each time I see a primarina now, I think it's you

MH, babyfur 

To be honest, the biggest reason for me being little is: "I would just like a do-over of my childhood, because the first time was honestly crap"

MH, therapy, HRT 

Oh, also therapy update: I have a really good feeling with this therapist!
Also they are working on getting my indication together, so I can have HRT :D
But also really listens to /me/

MH (~) 

First meeting with study therapist and it was pretty intense tbh.

But also good, because we touched some hard topics and it's good to just be listened and get the realization "it happened and it was bad"

So, did some work again and am at a point where I want to show stuff again.
More info (and a playable demo) in the Patreon post (Also it's public)

Have fun!


It's big Friday & time to stream! :whats_this: Tonight returning to something new...! Something new old, with all the good & bad that brings... Escape from Monkey Island. :pupper_zoom:
:heart_crown: twitch.tv/ulvra :heart_crown:

Did some work again today, which included this little girl getting a lot of mud on her X3

Base is by @ulvra (like all the moo bases) and I added some mud and also, if you hit mud piles, she's going to play in them X3

She also drew a cute toy plane, I animated then

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thinking emoji

So, I posted some of my music here. Some stuff I am actually proud of and think of putting it up on soundcloud or bandcamp.

Should I do it?

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