New game idea:

You remember those "match 3" games, where you had rows of three things fall from the sky and you have to match them.

Also know those ramp up moments in electronic music, where it's calm at the beginning, then gets a calmer ramp up and then just unleashes everything.

I want to combine the two!

Have one of the songs from "Just Shapes & Beats"

Arguably one of my favorite ones! :purple_sparkling_heart:

Sample assets for my NES microgame creator thing. It's a mixture of graphics I reused from games I released, games that never saw the light of day or made any real progress, and new stuff. You'll definitely be able to add your own graphics too, but maybe not immediately in the first build of this I make public, since that will have to get into dynamically loading graphics per-game.

@KitsuneAlicia @ulvra Or the one time where I was Octavia and killed our mobile defense target by accident

Damn you resonator and mallet!

@KitsuneAlicia @ulvra It's understandable.

I don't think you really experience that players can get radiation procs, before sorties

And the unique effect is team kills

@KitsuneAlicia @ulvra it was a very intended pun

Just we should do some sorties with radiation hazard

melee stealth killing your friends by accident is a lot of fun

@KitsuneAlicia @ulvra I mean, seriously

High status and radiation

The whole team will love you to bits!

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@ulvra @KitsuneAlicia pro tip:

look out for moving targets

because they can come too close and blow you up

also put radiation on it!

Any chemist: "The basic fact is..."
me: [can't stop giggling]

That is it for the stream tonight & that - was - awesome. x3 Definitely a fun and challenging game. Thanks to everyone who popped by, I hope that you enjoyed it. :heart_crown: :pupper_wag:

Didn't get that much more done. But at least I have a good amount of different color palettes to choose from now.

Friday is upon us & after only minor technical hiccups we're ready for streams! ^-^ Tonight something fun, something simple, namely Just Shapes & Beats! :heart_pink: :pupper_zoom:
:heart_crown: :heart_crown:

Warning: This game has a lot of sharp graphics and flashing, so be mindful. :heart_pink:

@KitsuneAlicia I do try my best to make things usable though and luckily the scope is simple enough that usually learned expectations work

@KitsuneAlicia I mean, sure.

The problem is just the same I have too.

I have an idea and nobody really to help me out. So I just have to do everything.

And companies are greedy, so they usually hire just one for both jobs.

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