Today's work: Shadows.

I added shadows to entities, to make the game look less flat and I think it works great.

Also redone some art to allow them to work with 4-color palettes (not shown here)

Oh and added a screenshot functionality, so I can take these easier.

So today I added a few more palettes and also worked mostly on unifying menu stuff.

More to look at in the pictures.

Made a wibbly wobbly flower!

It will be a mean flower though, as it's going to shoot at you.

But I'm proud I made it on my own and well, also like it a lot!

This is, more or less, the work of the past days.

Created a tileset for a forest, then implemented a fractal noise algorithm and tweaked it.

The result is this type of map.

I really like it, as it's a good mix of woods, thick grass and thin grass.

Some more art here.

I had to redo the background a little, to make it to scale.

Also this is a game screencap, but the game itself has barely any logic to it so far X3

It's more for me to see if things work out with the graphics.

A reminder that Self.destroy() came out a few days ago and I'm super proud of it and sharing it around would be super helpful :3


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