Oh, also if you get into pixel art, I really recommend getting yourself an actual pixel art program

Aseprite is pretty good and affordable.

I use Promotion NG myself for al my art, which is a bit more expensive, but has a couple features that Aseprite doesn't have and I'm relying on

There are a ton of others too, some of them free.

If you want to have your character as a boss, in Crysalis, there isn't much time left!

Both slots are only available until June 2nd and there are still 4 slots open (Hallow, Earth, Water, Ethereal)


Hey a bit of a heads up here:

I'm going to revise my prices (about 10-20% up) and what I'm offer (mostly removing icons completely) for commissions on June 1st.

So if you like something for my current prices, NOW is the chance.

Also I am revising Patreon rewards, to give a general commission discount with tiers. Also coming June 1st.

The reason is simple: I'd like more Patreon pledges, as they're a stable income.

Ever wanted to have your character in a game, as a boss?

Well, I offer slots for them in my game, Crysalis. If you want a slot, let me know!

More infos in this link! patreon.com/posts/design-your-

Also there are discounts for patrons!

Ever wanted to design your own game character?
Well, you can now!

More information in my Patreon post here: patreon.com/posts/82381747

SFW-ish, Transformation 

The newest, lowest ranking kobold addition is trying to impress their dragon Master, with rather little success.
Maybe they should've stuck with being a hero? Not that they had much decision making there, after being defeated.

A bit of a game over scene example, and also an announcement, that you can have your character as a boss!
More information over here: patreon.com/posts/character-in 

As promised, here goes it!

You want your character in Dungeon TF, as a playable character? Now you can have them there!
More info over here: patreon.com/posts/81078810
This is Patreon members only (Magician and above) for now and will go public on 2023-05-06.

There are 16 slots  available!

I made a thing!

They're going on (mis)adventures together!
I was thinking of going for a more NES style thing, hope you like it! <3

So starting stream, not sure if I do what I announced or do personal stuff, but we'll see.
Will be working on pixel animations, like always, so come watch me do the pixels!


OK, streaming now! Art is one of the slime vore YCHs, this one with a cheetah who will find his demise with a slime.

Come watch me draw, if you like!

OK, art stream is life now.

Gonna finish a weight gain piece and maybe some more, we'll see!

Come join me at picarto.tv/MaxineRed

Starting up stream now!
Commission work for a TTRPG (drawing portraits for the different species)

Come and join if you like!


And streaming for a bit. I have planned a few smaller things and one bigger thing, so let's go!


OK, streaming now! Doing the pixels again, this time with a commission! (Which you can also get one, if you like!)

Today it's going to include hypnotizing, goo, null bulges and skunk drones and a "poor" doggo.

Come watch me! picarto.tv/MaxineRed

OK, streaming now!
Come watch me drawing pixel art. Today some weight game and some corruption art is planned. We'll see how far I get. The weight gain will be first!


Gonna stream some art again. Plan is to work on two more complex animations, one twinning TF and another kobold vore scene.

Come join and watch me draw pixels picarto.tv/MaxineRed

Today is my birthday!

If you really wanna make my day, use this deal of two great games for less than $5!

If you can't, then please boost this post, that's the second best thing you could do :purple_sparkling_heart: :moo_zoom:


And sale is live!
It will last until Monday, the 13th (inclusive) and you can buy two of my games at 50% off!


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