OK, art stream is life now.

Gonna finish a weight gain piece and maybe some more, we'll see!

Come join me at picarto.tv/MaxineRed

Starting up stream now!
Commission work for a TTRPG (drawing portraits for the different species)

Come and join if you like!


And streaming for a bit. I have planned a few smaller things and one bigger thing, so let's go!


OK, streaming now! Doing the pixels again, this time with a commission! (Which you can also get one, if you like!)

Today it's going to include hypnotizing, goo, null bulges and skunk drones and a "poor" doggo.

Come watch me! picarto.tv/MaxineRed

OK, streaming now!
Come watch me drawing pixel art. Today some weight game and some corruption art is planned. We'll see how far I get. The weight gain will be first!


Gonna stream some art again. Plan is to work on two more complex animations, one twinning TF and another kobold vore scene.

Come join and watch me draw pixels picarto.tv/MaxineRed

Today is my birthday!

If you really wanna make my day, use this deal of two great games for less than $5!

If you can't, then please boost this post, that's the second best thing you could do :purple_sparkling_heart: :moo_zoom:


And sale is live!
It will last until Monday, the 13th (inclusive) and you can buy two of my games at 50% off!


OK, worked three hours with 4 iterations of 4 moo versions each (so total of 16 animations drawn)

This is what I think I like to keep the most, but feedback would be nice

Also just "The Mootles"

Little bit more experimentation with animations

Adapted an animation I found (most right is closest one to it & most left is my original animation)

Not sure which animation to use or even to use one of them...

adapted from here: johanvinet.tumblr.com/post/129

Hey periodic reminder that I make games and you can find them here:

Most are free or have at least a free demo!

Gift art for @ulvra for her pupsday today <3

She's a very good girl after all and enjoys a day on the beach :3

Opening emergency doodle commissions.

I need about 50EUR as soon as possible, to cover for food and drink!

I set this to high priority, so the return time is a couple days (a week at most)

As announced, a new game by me!

Mx. Little Moo is a Pacman like game, with a cute little moo, picking up pebbles.
It features different difficulties and game modes, as well as maps, to unlock!
There is even a story mode!
Get it here: maxine-red.itch.io/mx-little-m

Fading hope

Thought I revisit an old bunny synth friend and also redesign them a little in the process.

Where does it might go from here? Definitely an entry point for a platformer game.

Another 16-bit piece, though a bit limited, but that's on purpose

Another starry night, this time animated and in 16x16 tiles with 9-bit color range.

It has a lot of a game feeling, which I like. Like could be entry to a wintry adventure?

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