Kobold mining!

Little bit of a personal piece, because I wanted to draw more kobolds and dungeons/caves (generally darkness)

Character study of my own character.

Honestly not 100% happy with it, but it's still good. Do need to improve though.

Was going for a Rayman style character, because heck, I played The Great Escape a lot.

Streaming some personal art

Come join me drawing the pixels <3

Some pixel wallpaper is the plan, but we;ll see how it works out


Doing an art stream!
Come join me, chat and have a good time, while I'm drawing!

Doing commissions and personal stuff


So, thought a bit and like some feedback.
Would people be interested in commissioning this kind of banner/landscape retro game style art?

Idea is that you can have up to 3 characters in it.
Decide what theme the environment should be,

It'll be $10 for all,
Extra $5 if you want it animated.
Every 2 characters extra will be additional $1.

Depending on complexity I also might charge extra.

Characters will be in an 8x8 stylized format.

Also no NSFW themes please

OK, made some example of animated YCH witch pixel icons!

Each one will be $3 and you get an animated and still icon. They will be 16x16 and upscaled to fit for services.

Please only furry characters.

Animated examples below

Base for the YCH
Animations will vary slightly. The item, you can choose (nothing complex please).
I require a ref sheet. Colors can vary from those refs, as I work with a palette.

hey I made a new public post to my patreon!

I'm experimenting with movement here, so please give it a try and let me know what you think!

Today's work:
Miniaturizing the tileset from yesterday and adding to it. Stuff is now 8x8 and I made a complete game mockup to see how colors work and also do some spacing work, etc
Not 100% sure how to progress from here, as I can do several things. We'll see

So, done some prototyping. Good thing I have older games, I can just adapt to new concepts (sometimes).
This is Amoozed, but I use a copy of it for prototyping.
I picked that game, because it's a sort of maze solver game and mazes are the base for this new game.

Difference is though, I don't want dead ends. So I played around with what I can do.

Looks like, simply removing dead ends (connect them to the maze) is pretty effective actually.
Here are some examples

Update on it, because I felt like it.

Stylized the unbroken head more and added darkness effects to it.
This way, both heads look more similar.

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Decided to do some art again. Was going to do a loading screen or something, but ended making a cover for it. Also decided on a name.

Name will be "Ember", but it transforms into "Ender" and I like it, as it shows the direction I like to go with this game.

Did the forbidden draws.

Little bit of concept for the next game I wanna make. Currently it's just "Alex game"

This is a sketch of the laboratory area. I like it quite a bit already.

Also took inspiration from Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit), as it's going to the same console. (Sega Master System)

OK, spent two hours on this and gonna say it's enough for today (didn't plan to do anything at all, so it's a win!)

Made level select for Moo game. She's happy for whatever level you pick!

What stuff means, I explain eventually.
It's also a little rough, but that I'm going to smooth out, once I put it in game.

So, worked roughly 40 minutes today. (Not including trying to compose a song and not getting far...)

Anyway, did some animations instead and a level complete screen.

Did a very small amount of work, but important one.

Yesterday I saw that the floor tiles can be very straining on the eyes (due to jittering).
So I decided to redraw them and I like this more. It fits better and is less busy!

Did some more drawing, so have a animation of the User Interface and also some drawings of how the start and end might look.

The numbers on top represent quest markers

So, did some work again and am at a point where I want to show stuff again.
More info (and a playable demo) in the Patreon post (Also it's public)

Have fun!


Did some work again today, which included this little girl getting a lot of mud on her X3

Base is by @ulvra (like all the moo bases) and I added some mud and also, if you hit mud piles, she's going to play in them X3

She also drew a cute toy plane, I animated then

So, decided to make this build public, because I am pretty proud of it.

More info in the Patreon post itself (also it's public, so everyone can see)


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