Another day another reminder.

I do have two games made now!

Both are games, with one being written all by myself and the other made with

If you want to try them out, you can do so on my itch page :3

Please consider donating something if you can. It really helps me to be able to make more games!

Did a little bit of work and made a mockup of what the game would look like (partly)

This is only the game field itself and it will be a 3x3 field in the end. But this should give an idea how it looks.

It's the ncurses version (smaller) and the SDL version in a chosen 4 color and 8 color palette each.

If you want to support me, you can do so here:

Boosts are also very welcome and highly appreciated!

Anyway, did a little more stuff on my main menu screen.

I was thinking of putting some pattern in the background, but all I can come up with becomes too busy.

But anyway, hope you enjoy

So, I think I decided on an art style and how sprites/tiles should look like

Here are 4 mockups of how it should look!

Did some more today and I think I like this one and stay with the style.

I wanted to go for a synthwave vector pixel style.

I know it's a lot of things together, that don't belong together, but I like the result X3

Did some

Dunno how these are called, so if you know, let me know.

I do like their design though and they are cute robot critters and if your sona is one of them, you're awesome!

Anyway, have my game's playable character!

(fixed a spelling error in a hash tag, sorry!)

So going to stream a little.

Today's stream is:

I want to do some concept stuff on a game I am working on and stream it.

@ulvra will be there for emotional pupper support!

If you like, join us :3

This is a maze concept art I just came up with.

The idea is to have mazes be randomly generated for AIs to solve (organics can try too of course!)


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