Hey a bit of a heads up here:

I'm going to revise my prices (about 10-20% up) and what I'm offer (mostly removing icons completely) for commissions on June 1st.

So if you like something for my current prices, NOW is the chance.

Also I am revising Patreon rewards, to give a general commission discount with tiers. Also coming June 1st.

The reason is simple: I'd like more Patreon pledges, as they're a stable income.

New public demo released!
There is a little more info on it, something to know for everyone. This will be the last public demo with new content!
Core features will still be added to them, just no new maps, enemies or game modes for it. All of those will be in the final release


And a new update! This is going public Oct 14
But if you like to play the new demo already, you can pledge to me and get it now! With a bunch of other benefits!


More info about what is planned and more features, you can find in this post (patrons only though)


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hey I made a new public post to my patreon!

I'm experimenting with movement here, so please give it a try and let me know what you think!

Made a Patreon post with a playable proof of concept, where you can jump around :3

Also original moo art! (That is used in the game)

The game will be publicly released when finished, so this is just a sneak peak.



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