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After 4h of work today, all items are implemented. I gave moo two effects to visualize some states.

Also drew badges blueprints and made a goal sign, that marks the end of a map.

Before I put out a new demo, I want to get a few more things going.

Namely, level entry and level summarization stuff (how well you did in the level)

That would be all necessary stuff for levels themselves and I can concentrate on making a couple and other stuff around it

Did a very small amount of work, but important one.

Yesterday I saw that the floor tiles can be very straining on the eyes (due to jittering).
So I decided to redraw them and I like this more. It fits better and is less busy!

Currently I'm putting the user interface together (slowly)

Might show stuff later, but not sure.

Also adding some other little things, like score markers, for when you gain points

So, did some work again and am at a point where I want to show stuff again.
More info (and a playable demo) in the Patreon post (Also it's public)

Have fun!

So, decided to make this build public, because I am pretty proud of it.

More info in the Patreon post itself (also it's public, so everyone can see)

Worked (roughly) 4h today.
Added a basic level, running, sprinting, jumping and dashing (so all basic movement is in)
Also added another animation to it, for when energy is low, so you see it on moo herself

Today's work: Shadows.

I added shadows to entities, to make the game look less flat and I think it works great.

Also redone some art to allow them to work with 4-color palettes (not shown here)

Oh and added a screenshot functionality, so I can take these easier.

So today I added a few more palettes and also worked mostly on unifying menu stuff.

More to look at in the pictures.

Did work.

You can shoot now and also shield yourself.

Shooting works like you expect, except you can't move and shoot! So be careful.

The delay is very short though.

Also shield locks you in place too, but is rather versatile. You can keep it up as long as you like, but be careful. Have it up for too long and you're without for some time!

Still need to do some balancing, redo the game over screen and a few other minor things

In more serious notes:

- mechanics work now, that you have enemies, that can trigger a game over state
- still need to make the transition better (kinda just rushes over right now)
- also they hurt a lot, maybe need some balancing
- also you can't fight back as of now

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So made a new Self.destroy() enemy for the re-make.

This one will be a shooter, meaning it's mobile and tries to keep a distance, to shoot at you from.

It's all 7 animations in order (idle, idle->move, moving, moving->idle, idle->shoot, shoot, shoot->idle)

I feel the shoot animation screams for something "big" with high velocity, because the little thing has to even starts it's thrusters to not be blown away.

Should be fun!

Ideas for boss versions of yesterday enemies.

More info in the picture descriptions again.

Not sure if I do more or not. Not feeling the best, but also nothing else really to do.

Anyway, enjoy this concepts for Self.destroy() bosses!

Did some enemy designs today.

Likely all I do today, but hey it's something?

Read the image descriptions for more details on each of them!

Progress of today.

I added in mines, that you can see, but blend in with the background.

They are designed to not be a big threat of their own, but are easy-ish to miss (especially if running from a bigger threat).

You get three beeps, and a total of 3/4 of a second to realize your mistake and run away!

I'm not sure if I want them to do direct damage or spawn homing energy balls on detonation

More info in picture description

OK, I think I am trying a poll

Boosts are very appreciated to get more input!

Do you prefer retro games more like it would be playable on a certain console, or do you like the "just retro" feel.

Playable on console means:
- color restrictions and sound like from the console
- doesn't mean you need an emulator or it actually be playable on that console (as I develop in GameMaker Studio 2)

"Just retro" means:
- (cute) pixel art and retro like music, without specific restrictions

you want to help a disabled trans girl (aka me) and also play cool pixel games made by said girl?

Buy my games!

Made a wibbly wobbly flower!

It will be a mean flower though, as it's going to shoot at you.

But I'm proud I made it on my own and well, also like it a lot!

I'm not 100% satisfied with this, but it sounds good.

I should probably add some more actual variety to it (kinda have only one variant and then switch it on a channel)

Anyway, made a forest theme for my next game!

This is, more or less, the work of the past days.

Created a tileset for a forest, then implemented a fractal noise algorithm and tweaked it.

The result is this type of map.

I really like it, as it's a good mix of woods, thick grass and thin grass.

Kinda want to share something, so have a square forest, with dancing flowers and a chest.

This is a WIP for my next game too btw.

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