Found a neat effect and applied it to my game.

Not gonna use it, but wanted to know the impact it'll have on it.

It actually has not much and I want to see how much I can integrate it into a pixel game (like honoring palettes and zoomed pixels)

I'm not 100% satisfied with this, but it sounds good.

I should probably add some more actual variety to it (kinda have only one variant and then switch it on a channel)

Anyway, made a forest theme for my next game!

This is, more or less, the work of the past days.

Created a tileset for a forest, then implemented a fractal noise algorithm and tweaked it.

The result is this type of map.

I really like it, as it's a good mix of woods, thick grass and thin grass.

Tried myself at a battle theme.
I aimed for a common battle theme, but I feel this is more fit for a final boss.

Oh, well. Enjoy it!

Worked a bit on music, so have a listen to Amber of Life.

Something old, I put into a new 8-bit dress.

This is also made with FamiTracker, so it sounds a little different to my other stuff here in general.

Kinda want to share something, so have a square forest, with dancing flowers and a chest.

This is a WIP for my next game too btw.

So, did some work today, which included taking Alex and turning her into a Pokemon character X3

Jokes aside, I spent most of my day to turn the Alex animation (I posted a little ago, made by the cute @ulvra) into a 4 color walking cycle.

This is the result.

Work of today, with the help of @ulvra

I made color palettes for my next game and she drew a pixel Alex for me (which I then adapted to the different color schemes)

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