Selfie, eye contact 

Good this is an old English ballad and I can actually use it.

Scarborough Fair (or Scarborough Fariwell, as I named it) will be the music that place, when you lose Escape the machine.

Thinking about adopting one of my designs for non-organic sonas or make a new one

I have two made already, but rarely used any of the two.

Marked sensitive for ref sheet nudity

Made a wibbly wobbly flower!

It will be a mean flower though, as it's going to shoot at you.

But I'm proud I made it on my own and well, also like it a lot!

Did some music today too btw.

This is going to be in-level music

Title is "Cave Dwellers"

Screen capture from twitter 

I found an old song, I never finished and decided to do that.

I didn't know how to finish it though, so it might sound a little hasted.

Song is called "Broken Beauty"

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