Got some very nice update on my ref sheet from @ulvra 💜

Left is original ref sheet, right is mooday present ref sheet
The art is wonderful, like always. I also am surprised how good I'm looking with a binder, honestly

Selfie, eye contact 

This is how I usually look, going out now

Another day, more progress. Also I didn't ate while working on this for 5h, whoops....

Anyway, stuff to mention:
- mines won't be the only enemies, there will be more
- other means of interactions will be added
- more to explore and what those nodes mean!

So, did a bunch of work today, you can (somewhat) see here.
Mostly rooms have types now, also enemies. The mechanic for enemies don't work yet.
The filled room, is the boss arena. There is a healing spot planned before (think Moonlighter)

Think of them as a way to locate the boss chamber, but also to get some healing.

The nodes, you see in the middle of a room, will have special purposes

Other enemy types and battle mechanics will follow soon

So, some update again. I changed a bunch in the meantime!
Movement is now smoother and allows for more action.
Doors are removed and replaced with beams.
Not sure about combat, but I have some plans!

Beams are supposed to lock you into rooms.

Little bit more update. Didn't get much done today, but I think it's significant.

This time with sound!
Melee attacks will damage everything one tile next to the facing direction. Likely doing a lot of damage, for the risk of being close.

Also reduced movement speed

Little bit of an update to the current game, I'm working on.

Movement is in, you can travel between rooms. Still lots of work left to do, but it's a good start

Made a battle UI template today.

"Why are there pride flags?" You may ask. Well, just to rub it in, that the character is a demisexual trans lesbian mouse witch.

I mean, also because I want them there. I just want people to know that she's trans, lesbian and demisexual honestly.

My balcony sitting area. It's super good!

The power socket there is only because my phone is pretty low on power

Cartoon, pixel art eye contact 

Spelunking mouse witch!

@ulvra helped me creating this cutie. She's gonna stare in a roguelite dungeon crawler I am working on.

Don't have a name for her yet, but eventually!

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