Did a little bit of work and made a mockup of what the game would look like (partly)

This is only the game field itself and it will be a 3x3 field in the end. But this should give an idea how it looks.

It's the ncurses version (smaller) and the SDL version in a chosen 4 color and 8 color palette each.

If you want to support me, you can do so here: patreon.com/maxine_red

Boosts are also very welcome and highly appreciated!

Anyway, did a little more stuff on my main menu screen.

I was thinking of putting some pattern in the background, but all I can come up with becomes too busy.

But anyway, hope you enjoy

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So work so far:

Only need to implement maze algorithm picking and renaming a few things, but this is how it will look!

Also, if you want on that patron list, everyone who supports me with $1 or more (per month) gets onto it at release :3


Because Patreon doesn't really supports video uploading and the gif version looks kinda crap.

Have a gameplay video of myself playing Amazed!

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Sooo, work of today.

I am pretty proud of this, even though it is buggy as well.

It feels like old Atari (2600) games and I like that.

Well, a few more things will be added, but I think I stick with the colors.

(also this doesn't run on standard xterm terminals, unless you set "TERM=xterm-256color", but it works fine in framebuffer based terminals)

So @behold3r drew these super cute sketches of my moo a few days ago and I forgot to share them.

They are too cute not to share, so here you go! :purple_sparkling_heart:

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