Ever wanted to design your own game character?
Well, you can now!

More information in my Patreon post here: patreon.com/posts/82381747

SFW-ish, Transformation 

The newest, lowest ranking kobold addition is trying to impress their dragon Master, with rather little success.
Maybe they should've stuck with being a hero? Not that they had much decision making there, after being defeated.

A bit of a game over scene example, and also an announcement, that you can have your character as a boss!
More information over here: patreon.com/posts/character-in 

As promised, here goes it!

You want your character in Dungeon TF, as a playable character? Now you can have them there!
More info over here: patreon.com/posts/81078810
This is Patreon members only (Magician and above) for now and will go public on 2023-05-06.

There are 16 slots  available!

gender stuff 

Honestly, I'd really like more money, so I can commission more variants of me.

Like, more masc version maybe (with flat chest), femboy with and without boobs.

Don't get me wrong, I really like how I look here, as a butch trans woman, but dunno, sometimes I feel even more masc and sometimes being a femboy sounds super nice.

Biggest problem is just money.

Here a piece for twitter.com/kitsebi :3

He wanted me to make a nice place for his skox, so I drew a little forest with lots of berries, some deer and birds. It's a very nice place for a little skox for sure :3

I do love working on these banners a lot. The doodle style makes it rather easy, but what I love is, that it reminds me a lot of the games I played as a kiddo

This is what I have so far and if I don't find someone, I will probably do my own thing.

But I'd rather give this to someone with more experience, than I have, honestly.

I am a professional coder and picked up pixel art on the side. And seriously, that's already enough to handle, I don't want to have to do literally everything myself.

Also, this might be a return thing, if I fond someone to commission.

The idea behind this one, was "dungeon background music", but dunno

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I made a thing!

They're going on (mis)adventures together!
I was thinking of going for a more NES style thing, hope you like it! <3

OK, worked three hours with 4 iterations of 4 moo versions each (so total of 16 animations drawn)

This is what I think I like to keep the most, but feedback would be nice

Also just "The Mootles"

Little bit more experimentation with animations

Adapted an animation I found (most right is closest one to it & most left is my original animation)

Not sure which animation to use or even to use one of them...

adapted from here: johanvinet.tumblr.com/post/129

Gift art for @ulvra for her pupsday today <3

She's a very good girl after all and enjoys a day on the beach :3

emergency commissions 

So, OK problem is: got bills and more bills and need about 20€ in the next two days, which I don't have

Sorry for this, just need to get the money or get overdraft and pay up even more, I don't have right now.
RTs are welcome, of course comms even more!
Examples: (which is 20€)

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