I improved your sticker. You're welcome

Originally read "FCK ANNTIFA"

Also more nazi bullshit, which I'm not surprised about at all

Just found this

No caption of individual photos as they're the same

"Furry trash from Berlin"

Made more gummy candy. Recipe follows

Flavors are cherry (red), black currant (purple), vanilla (blue), rum (green) and honey (yellow)

And yes I know the colors aren't very distinct

Got this today

Got it because cracking eggs is always a huge mess for me and it works quite well.

Peak coding right here!

Just make a global function, that calls the normal function, but grabbing the global variables.

Because I can't be arsed to do it myself on function call.

Ever wanted to design your own game character?
Well, you can now!

More information in my Patreon post here: patreon.com/posts/82381747

SFW-ish, Transformation 

The newest, lowest ranking kobold addition is trying to impress their dragon Master, with rather little success.
Maybe they should've stuck with being a hero? Not that they had much decision making there, after being defeated.

A bit of a game over scene example, and also an announcement, that you can have your character as a boss!
More information over here: patreon.com/posts/character-in 

As promised, here goes it!

You want your character in Dungeon TF, as a playable character? Now you can have them there!
More info over here: patreon.com/posts/81078810
This is Patreon members only (Magician and above) for now and will go public on 2023-05-06.

There are 16 slots  available!

gender stuff 

Honestly, I'd really like more money, so I can commission more variants of me.

Like, more masc version maybe (with flat chest), femboy with and without boobs.

Don't get me wrong, I really like how I look here, as a butch trans woman, but dunno, sometimes I feel even more masc and sometimes being a femboy sounds super nice.

Biggest problem is just money.

Here a piece for twitter.com/kitsebi :3

He wanted me to make a nice place for his skox, so I drew a little forest with lots of berries, some deer and birds. It's a very nice place for a little skox for sure :3

I do love working on these banners a lot. The doodle style makes it rather easy, but what I love is, that it reminds me a lot of the games I played as a kiddo

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