Did some more drawing, so have a animation of the User Interface and also some drawings of how the start and end might look.

The numbers on top represent quest markers

Did some work again today, which included this little girl getting a lot of mud on her X3

Base is by @ulvra (like all the moo bases) and I added some mud and also, if you hit mud piles, she's going to play in them X3

She also drew a cute toy plane, I animated then

adorable drawn eye contact 

Me: "My life is shit."

The moocub inside of me: "I'm adorable! Pet me!"

Worked (roughly) 4h today.
Added a basic level, running, sprinting, jumping and dashing (so all basic movement is in)
Also added another animation to it, for when energy is low, so you see it on moo herself

@ulvra: "Looks like moo is playing airplane"
Me: "That's totally what moo would do"

Did some more work today, even though exhausted.

Changed some tile stuff around, added few details and mud(!). Also added moo for size comparisons.

So did some more work today, mostly on tileset/background stuff.

Kinda try to keep it at a point, where I can also port the game to consoles (if I want to), but also just generally keeping it simple for less brain panic stuff.

Anyway, have a look

The waterfall is a pseudo color cycle btw

Did a moo drawing today, in hopes it gets me inspired with games.

I know I have to finish other games, but I also have 0 motivation and not doing much also gets onto my mood, so yeah.

Anyway, have 16x16 pixel moocub

babyfur, drawn eye contact 

@behold3r Totally forgot!

This is the colored version.

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babyfur, drawn eye contact 

Belated moomas gift from @behold3r and I love it to bits! (Also love her a lot. She's a great girlfriend :purple_sparkling_heart: )


Was semi awake then heard big rumble and needed to check.
I think some white mud slid off the roof

Babyfur, selfie , eye contact in photo 

Pacies gud.

Like them. But dunno.

I think I give them a try for a bit. But they're nice 💜 💜 💜

Just not sure if they stay nice, so gonna give them a longer run

So, this is what I've done today so far.

I took @ulvra's suggestion and take inspiration from Tron (1982) and came up with a design based on big geometric forms.

I think I should have more palette variance though, because with the current working one it doesn't really work out.

First pic is in a more cyber/synthwave palette, second is current working palette.


Imagine moo standing in the door frame like this and says: "Moo not tired"

Last Saturday I got a carpet for my bedroom (in front of my bed) and it's just really really good


Gonna make these too, even though my body hates them.

But they clog up freezer space

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