This is what I have so far and if I don't find someone, I will probably do my own thing.

But I'd rather give this to someone with more experience, than I have, honestly.

I am a professional coder and picked up pixel art on the side. And seriously, that's already enough to handle, I don't want to have to do literally everything myself.

Also, this might be a return thing, if I fond someone to commission.

The idea behind this one, was "dungeon background music", but dunno

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I made a thing!

They're going on (mis)adventures together!
I was thinking of going for a more NES style thing, hope you like it! <3

OK, worked three hours with 4 iterations of 4 moo versions each (so total of 16 animations drawn)

This is what I think I like to keep the most, but feedback would be nice

Also just "The Mootles"

Little bit more experimentation with animations

Adapted an animation I found (most right is closest one to it & most left is my original animation)

Not sure which animation to use or even to use one of them...

adapted from here:

Gift art for @ulvra for her pupsday today <3

She's a very good girl after all and enjoys a day on the beach :3

emergency commissions 

So, OK problem is: got bills and more bills and need about 20€ in the next two days, which I don't have

Sorry for this, just need to get the money or get overdraft and pay up even more, I don't have right now.
RTs are welcome, of course comms even more!
Examples: (which is 20€)

Opening emergency doodle commissions.

I need about 50EUR as soon as possible, to cover for food and drink!

I set this to high priority, so the return time is a couple days (a week at most)

Fading hope

Thought I revisit an old bunny synth friend and also redesign them a little in the process.

Where does it might go from here? Definitely an entry point for a platformer game.

Another 16-bit piece, though a bit limited, but that's on purpose

Another starry night, this time animated and in 16x16 tiles with 9-bit color range.

It has a lot of a game feeling, which I like. Like could be entry to a wintry adventure?

Kobold mining!

Little bit of a personal piece, because I wanted to draw more kobolds and dungeons/caves (generally darkness)

Character study of my own character.

Honestly not 100% happy with it, but it's still good. Do need to improve though.

Was going for a Rayman style character, because heck, I played The Great Escape a lot.

So, thought a bit and like some feedback.
Would people be interested in commissioning this kind of banner/landscape retro game style art?

Idea is that you can have up to 3 characters in it.
Decide what theme the environment should be,

It'll be $10 for all,
Extra $5 if you want it animated.
Every 2 characters extra will be additional $1.

Depending on complexity I also might charge extra.

Characters will be in an 8x8 stylized format.

Also no NSFW themes please

OK, made some example of animated YCH witch pixel icons!

Each one will be $3 and you get an animated and still icon. They will be 16x16 and upscaled to fit for services.

Please only furry characters.

Animated examples below

Base for the YCH
Animations will vary slightly. The item, you can choose (nothing complex please).
I require a ref sheet. Colors can vary from those refs, as I work with a palette.

Today's work:
Miniaturizing the tileset from yesterday and adding to it. Stuff is now 8x8 and I made a complete game mockup to see how colors work and also do some spacing work, etc
Not 100% sure how to progress from here, as I can do several things. We'll see

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