Ideas for boss versions of yesterday enemies.

More info in the picture descriptions again.

Not sure if I do more or not. Not feeling the best, but also nothing else really to do.

Anyway, enjoy this concepts for Self.destroy() bosses!

Progress of today.

I added in mines, that you can see, but blend in with the background.

They are designed to not be a big threat of their own, but are easy-ish to miss (especially if running from a bigger threat).

You get three beeps, and a total of 3/4 of a second to realize your mistake and run away!

I'm not sure if I want them to do direct damage or spawn homing energy balls on detonation

More info in picture description

Outer wilds ending (?) spoilers 

I told Chert that we're still in a time loop.

I don't know, I just wanted for them to feel good, even though I know this is likely the end.

I don't know if this is the end? But I hope it is.

There is still much to explore, but I also just want it to end and to not repeat.
Just one last time, enjoying the super nova with Chert.

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Outer wilds spoiler, big spoiler in picture! 

This is where I am so far.

Some (not spoiler) hints to get to the rest would be nice.

Like how do I get into the quantum tower on brittle hollow?

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So, was bored and couldn't sleep anyway, so I made a hero forge character.

She's a generic tank, not the smartest, short circuited and gets into too much trouble, but she's also very hearted and helps wherever she can.

Her motto is "If you can't solve a problem with a hammer, you didn't smash hard enough!"

Also because she's XL, most "big" weapons look tiny on her. So gave her a mallet and shield

She'd likely use that shield offensively*

*Bashing into enemy lines first, then asking planning

fictional character eye contact (VR) 

btw, blaming this one on @kat

Kinda just want to blame him.

Also really liking this avatar

This is the song.

It's an adaptation of the "What shall we do with a drunken sailor" chantey.

The game idea associated with it, is inspired by Missile Command.

It would have the same theme, but be kinda a reverse of those games where you have ships come from above and have to shoot them.

Instead you have to protect fleeing ships and get points for each ship that made it into safety.

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I introduced stump.

Say hello to stump.

Also sketching with ideas for stuff.

The house is taken from Pokemon, mostly. It's an idea for fixed or modular houses, you can decorate yourself. Though I don't think it fits the gameplay I want.

The other is more tile based and allows more freedom.
I experimented there with full size and half width tiles. Probs gonna use the half width ones.

Sketched a little for my game.

Still unsure about palette and how to do textures proper, but I like the new tree trunk color (changed it from greens to actual brown).

Also decided I'm trying to follow Mega Drive restrictions (16 colors per layer and 64 colors on screen)

And yeah, I'm aware that Alex is as big as trees. Who needs scale???

So, played a little more with noise based biome generation.

I think this is usable. The colors for the biomes don't mean much right now, as I can define them how I want them to be and am not sure what biomes I actually want.

But it's a start that I can create them.

Also this is chunk-able, meaning I can create it in small pieces, without needing surrounding info (could be as small as 1x1, but will likely be something like 16x16)

So, played some vanilla MC to get ideas for my own game.

Like analyzing what I like about vanilla MC, why I spend so many hours inside of it, so I know what I want in my own game.

Got a pretty good grasp of it now, I think and also saw that there is now a "fabolous" option for graphics.

Also this happened, and it made me happy

because I woke up, humming the hall of the mountain king

It's still a little WIP, because there is some variety and finale missing, but I am happy with it how it is right now.

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