Quick update on main menu.

Made it more compact to make it less "light" and also changed item descriptions, to be more coherent with the story.

So now you can restore a backup to start a game.

Did some more work today, mostly on the main menu,

Did also this splash screen I want to share.

Also the game, I'm working on, has an official title now.


It's darker than my other games, but I wanted to make one like this for some time.

Still some work, but an end is in sight!

Today's work with the help of @ulvra (she helped finding the best way to make the breath effect, though can't show it in pictures only and helped giving the little cloud a face)

The main character is supposed to be an enby data cloud!

Also changed the color palette to a different one, I think is more fitting.

So last update of what I did today.

Got the effect how I want it to be and I think the music ambient music and effect work really well together.

I have the shrinking effect accelerated here, but it will come in the final game. It's a meter of how long you have left!

Ambient song can be found here: opengameart.org/content/crysta

Worked a little bit on something in the last hour.

Not much, but at least a little bit

General interace for my next game.

It's going to be a maze puzzle game with a little of a twist.

Interface is pretty simple for reasons and the lower text box is for explanations and narration.

Just a change of palette can do /a lot/

First one is pico8 palette, second is a 32 color palette (softmilk)

I only changed pixel color values and didn't add/remove any pixels

Did some stuff in Game Maker Studio 2 today.

More trying to get stuff working here, so lots of placeholders for stuff that doesn't have art yet.

Still, trying to get movement done, so have look.

Art is by the cute pupper @ulvra

I recorded a little from the arcade platformer I am working today.

It's not much showing, but the stats.

I hope you enjoy :3

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I think I'm done with level design of "Dungeon of snacks" and I think I am happy with it.

Game testing will tell later though and I might have to revise it, but I think it looks nice and challenging!

OK, I think I have the basics for the world.

Got a little sick of doing stuff and also need to rework it anyway to make it applicable for enemies and such.

But this is the base idea. Also renamed it from "Tower of snacks" to "dungeon of snacks", because it goes down now, instead of up.

Was planning to only have the ice (formerly water) and hot blocks (formerly lava) to be environmental hazards. Then they developed into maps of their own...

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