family, positive 

The best thing my mother told me lately, in an attempt to guilt trip me, is that my sister "gave up on me" And god fucking thank you, if that's true.

So yeah, that attempt to guilt trip me, actually made me super happy, because the less I think about my nazi sister, the better.

If she did a 180 turn and her best to amend her past, then I'd be willing to forgive her.

But I know she won't. Too much pride and her pride is bigger than family.


family, mixed 

Also at least my family seems to stop the abuse more now, due to fearing they lose me forever.

Hard to control a child, if it actually starts to fight back, huh?

I'm still way too lenient, most of the time, but I also know, that if I'd even hint at suggesting that they weren't giving their best or are at any fault of my misery, they'd become extremely defensive, to attacking me. The old ways pop up quickly then.

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