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Honestly the worst gift I've ever got?

This, from my sister:

Which I also just shredded and put into the trash

It's not also useless, but also extremely insulting and just shows that she never even talked to me about such things.

Simply the thought that she thought I wanted such a thing, is insulting.

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neg, family, bad gift 

For those curious: It's a DIY self-help book, with tasks, you have to do.

It's extremely generic though.

Also it's less a beef with the book itself, it might help others for sure, but also just the audacity of my sister.

A) no communication towards it
B) thinking she knows better by gifting me something like that

Next post follows on why it is such an insult to me, due to character limits

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The thing most don't get, even trained therapists, is that practical approaches don't work for me well.

I need to understand the problem, so I can figure out a solution for myself. Show and repeat is the least effective way for me to learn things.Doing tasks for mental health have no effect at all.

The thing that helps? Understanding why something gives me trouble. Also people listening to what I say and working with that, instead of what they think.

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