German pol, trans 

If you wanna know the situation in Germany right now, about trans rights

You have institutions, trying to appeal the government to not write discrimnation into law (to please the TERFs), while also having "opinion" pieces by right wing assholes, claiming the law (eve with guaranteed discrimination) is still going way too far and using 1:1 TERF talking points and right wing myths (without any shred of evidence)

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German pol, trans 

May 30th is the last day government will take in advice.
No guarantee that anything good will come from it, but you know.

At least the process advanced, after being stuff with the centrist justic office for over half a year, so it can make sure that people can better discriminate against trans people.

At least there are some voices in the government, who are also voicing concern.
But none that really matter either.

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