medical stuff mention (within family) 

Oh, I also had a phone call with my parents earlier.

Not that I want to, but if I don't call every week, I get bullied into it (talk about boundaries, but those were never a thing anyway.... but that's another talk)

We also talked about my grandfather, who has surgery soon and is watched for stuff (heart and cancer on kidney)

They had other plans before, but changed them and I was like "they have their reasons"


medical stuff mention (within family) 

Anyway, that prompted my mother to say "I don't trust doctors anymore, especially because your [ex-] sister says..."

I cut her off then, because I know what my nazi ex-sister and anti-vaxxer says and thinks.

She's a nurse, but got only into it, to be a cop. Literally. And has very little actual medical knowledge beyond, but knows how to manipulate people into thinking she does.

She's a manipulative asshole, but that for another thing again

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ranting about family 

This "in the past, everything was better" myth bullshit is so fucking exhausting.

Doctors were shit back then too. I literally told her, she just could pretend the world was nicer and that's it.

The world is shit since forever. Just middle class white hetero cis people, like my mother, could pretend it wasn't for a very long time.

Now they see the truth and hate it. But instead of fixing it, they glorify some mystic past and vote genocidal murderers into office.

ranting about family 

Only problem is. People like me get murdered. While people like her won't.

And won't even see any consequence of their actions, at all.

Thus is the life of marginalized people, I guess.

To be murdered as the scapegoat for other people finding out that the world is shit and not liking it.

I wonder if she actually read that book about a trans man's experience.

Still need to get her the other one too.

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