TERFs, German pol, nazis doing nazi shit 

So, I found out what the nazis and TERFs blow up into stupid proportions to "proof: that the self-ID law has to be opposed.

Looks like a person on the green party tried to proof a point, by applying for a spot, protected by a women quota, while identifying as a man. (To proof that the women quota would be an injustice to men...)

The green party court ruled against him and also against protection of enby folks, who they put into the "men" part

TERFs, German pol, nazis doing nazi shit 

It's a pretty shitty ruling, because it puts enby folks into the binary categories.

So, I would also not be able to go for those spots, only binary trans women would be able to, who are also outed.

Arsy ruling aside, the right wing propganda is blowing this out of proportions of course and not telling the true reasons, so they can sell their anti-trans propaganda.

NSDAP 2,0 (AfD) of course spearing this movement (my ex-sister is a member of them)


TERFs, German pol, nazis doin-g nazi shit, wishing nazis harm 

I'm quite happy I found out what the hubbub is about. Took me a bit though.

And yeah not surprised that nazis doing nazi shit and this is of course what they really want.

But hey, even the most progressive party doesn't recognize me after all. Great stuff.

Oh, and honestly, I just wish that everyone in the AfD (my ex-sister included) would do society a big favor and put a bullet through their heads.
Would do so much good.

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Also fucking god, I wish I could explain to my parents (so they actually understand), how the party they worship wants to kill me.

This self-ID law would save me so much fucking pain and then there are people out there (even former parts of my family), who are working actively against that.

But I mean, as a cis person, it's easy to think that nazis actually wanted to help me.

It's not their skin, that's in danger. And they have no clue what it means, being trans.

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