Honestly, I am pretty sure my brain isn't working like "normal" brains in a couple of aspects.

But each time I bring it up, it's always "Can't be true." "You're making things up." "this can be explained different;y (without saying how)"

Also there was made an MRI of my brain, but only to check for brain damage (I'd presume scars or very underdeveloped parts)

Also it was a static image, not a functional scan.

And I doubt it was very thorough, because it was just a general scan.

But not that I have any chance of proving any of that or get a chance at somebody actually taking me serious enough to make proper checks, in the medical world.

Just saying, I have barely a constant sense of time. (If there isn't a clock around, I have no fucking clue if it's morning, noon or evening, unless I can use the sun as a clock)

I have a heard time distinguishing faces or remembering faces, often mixing up people, unless I can ID them on other things.

Mt spacial orientation is crap and if you try to explain how to get to a place, try a wall. You'd have more luck with the wall

Memory in general is pretty crap, reading people('s emotions) doesn't work proper.

Keeping things before my inner eye or manipulating things are near impossible (aohantasia), though I can have mental images. Just no control.

Oh yeah, no 3 dimensional vision (though, that's more an eye thing, as my left eye is pretty bad and thus no spacial vision)

I also feel like those things are pretty related.


Also a lot of those things work perfectly fine. If I don't try to do them consciously.

Like following instructions to go to a place? Hah, no chance

Finding that place on my own, while my mind is distracted (not actively thinking), no prob

Or paginating things. Images pop up on their own, but keeping them up by will or changing them? Nope. No control at all, not even a little

More or less, one half of my brain has trouble communicating with the other, but both work pretty good on their own

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