Why do computer science folks (and sorta any programming person) like object oriented programming?

Because it's how we think about things. It's simple as that.

If we think about a car, we don't think about it's weight and how fast it accelerates as two different, unrelated things.

We think of those as both belonging to the same thing and having relationships.

Also if we see a truck, we know it has certain things common with other cars and also it's own properties.


Is OOP (Object Oriented Programming) always the best choice?

Hell no!

But it is a very good choice in most places.
It mostly depends on what you want to optimize and what your preferences are.

For example, if you prefer C (shame on you), then please don't do OOP and don't lie and tell people you could do OOP in C

Other reasons to not use OOP:
- making a big game in pico-8 and saving tokens
- working on very low RAM systems

Reasons to use OOP:
- making things easier to understand

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