I think the base cause, for most of our problems is simply that most people have forgotten to genuinely love.

To them it's an exchange of goods, like any other thing, capitalism loves to makes things out to.
You give "love", you receive service.

But that's not how love works, not even in the slightest.


Genuine love means, that you just give. You might hope to receive something in return, but it's not required.

Of course, if someone literally only takes and never gives. you should stop loving them immediately. Too, that's unhealthy as well.

But genuine love doesn't expect immediate returns. It just is/

If I love someone, seeing them happy is all I need. I don't need anything more. Just seeing them be happy.

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dysfuncitonal family, parenting (-), abuse 

This is also a big problem in parenting.

Parents, often enough don't actually love their children. Because that'll threaten their authority.
So instead they manipulate their children to be happy about things, they aren't, to satisfy their need of control.

And then make themselves believe that'll be actual love. But it's just mutilating your child's soul, for your own happiness.
Which is actually abuse, not love. Quite the opposite

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