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Got reminded, earlier this week, that my nazi sister* is going to marry her useful idiot this year

*who literally joined the NSDAP 2.0 and flies through the ranks
and who tells me that Beatrix von Storch** would be better for me than the green party***

**most prominent TERF and also the one who attacks trans people as often as possible

***The green party has several trans members, some of them in parliament and pushing the self ID law the most

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Dunno, how one person can literally think that they can tell someone "Those who do things in your favor? Those are actually the bad people!
But those who mistreat your kind and do literally everything they can, to keep you miserable, are actually the good people here."

But she's also so caught up in nazi propaganda, she;d think her farts smell like lavender or vanilla, if they told her so.

And I really, really don't want to be forced to attend her wedding.

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As her sibling, I am, of course, expected to be joyous an want a big part of it, like being the ring bearer or something.

But honestly? I want to spent as little time, with her, as possible, since she made it clear that she gives a flying fuck about my future and is only concerned about herself and herself alone.

At least I blocked any direct communication channel already. Best decision of my life.


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Btw, we were actually relatively close, over the years, but she always drifted right and I kept being on the left.

And everything she ever done for me, was to get her an advantage. Of course she'd say it isn't that way, but it's curious, how every time she did something for me, there was a huge price label attached to it.

And the less I was willing to pay that price, the less she was also willing to do anything.

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Also, btw, she is a nurse. Yes, she's a medical cop and acts exactly like that.
She also has high disregard for any neurodivregence and/or mental health problems and shows that eagerly, if she thinks she's save.

You can guess the rest from here.

She also had 0 inclination to learn. She knows everything, even if that's fundamentally wrong and challenging her on that is one of the worst offenses, that exist. That especially includes medical topics.

ranting about family (-) 

Some fun examples:
She genuinely believes that lactose free milk has nothing to do with real milk.

Or that SarS-Covid/19 would be a harmless virus, that has no lasting effects and all the measurements were to either poison or brainwash the broad population and she's the only one who sees the truth, of course.

ranting about family (-) 

And yes, she's anti-vaxxer. She also picked up a lot of other bigotry on the way and thinks that only "real trans people" should be protected

Of course "real" by HER standards.

She also thinks that Germany was a glorious country, until Merkel took over, who ruined it and of course, the current government ruins it even further.

Oh and she is a strong defender of the "TRUE german language", that gets corrupted by degenerates (aka me)
And I kid you not, that's her words

ranting about family (-) 

With the last one. Her words could literally be from a Hitler speech. You just have to accentuate it a little and the impression would be perfect.

How she can't connect the dots and see that, maybe, she is on the wrong side here.... is beyond me.

So yeah, I am really, really, really not thrilled to have anything to do with her at all. Even less attending her wedding and EVEN less having any significant part in it.

Probs have to talk to my therapist with that.

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