Admin stuff, codebase 

OK, I think I try something again.

Which means to leave the mastodon codebase as much alone as I can and maybe just apply changes on top of it.

So, working a bit on getting this instance to the newest version and removing the customization stuff for now, then adding it on top.

In the end, you shouldn't really see any difference.

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Admin stuff, codebase 

For those curious: The problem is that I always need to edit code, I have no clue what it's doing (and don't want to invest the time to learn it), thus have no clue and might make mistakes.

Mistakes that could break the site and rip vulnerabilities into it.

So, I rather just want the stuff, I'm adding, on top, so the codebase can be safe and secure.

Admin stuff, codebase 

@maxine this is basically how I've approached the problem of "eugen is unilaterally making changes that make mastodon worse" - i just have a set of patches that are applied on top of the official mastodon image. if you'd like, i can share how i do it.

Admin stuff, codebase 

@maffsie sure, I am working on a script of my own right now and well, noticed I have also other issues

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