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Honestly, if I'd cancel the contract for this server, all I, personally, really miss out on is email and I can just move to the one I use more anyway.

Would also mean more money for me to use.
no more admin work.
no more coding work.

All in all, a lot of good things and for me it would be a total win.

But also, we made a nice thing here. A cute little instance, that would get lost. Which is why I won't do it.


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But yeah, in the end, it's a lot of work, I'm doing, people take for granted and also paying this server out of my own pocket (which I do, because I love the little space we have here)

But in the end, I would have a lot less work and more money if I just shut it down.

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Also this is more a vent/rant than anything else

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@maxine I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to shut it down. think if you did I would see if the cheapest option at masto host is worth using for just myself

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@maxine I appreciate all moo do and would also help to pay for it, but I know not all would.

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