MH (-), unemployment + sickness 

Not looking forward to the appointment I have with the jobcenter (unemployment management here).
Because I am 100% sure they are going to try to get me able to work.
Ignoring the underlying problem and just stuff me into pointless shit and try out drugs to get me to work asap

Which is why I gonna try to get pension asap, so I don't have to work and ruin my health even further, so a rich asshole can get richer.

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MH (-), unemployment + sickness 

"Needs years of therapy, to get even remotely into working shape" is apparently not good enough

Anyway, it's ye good old "We need to get a way to not pay for you. So either destroy your health or get someone else to pay your stuff"

Gonna be so shit, but oh well. Need to do it now, apparently.

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