So, Nier: Replicant came out?

I put it onto my wishlist, but honestly, Automata has burned me too much.

So I wait until it's on sale for at most 20 bucks or someone gifting it to me.
Not gonna invest that much money in a Nier game, honestly.

Also don't get me wrong. They're good games.

Also pretty frustrating games and I hate Automata's story.


Nier Automata story spoilers 

Well, "hate" kinda.

It's a good story, just also has some bad Japanese influences (I mean, it's a game made by Japanese people, so go figure)

But can we for fucks sake, have a story about queer androids, learning what it is to be human, without everything about them being fucking shattered and tossed aside, like a broken toy?

Just give me good queer android shit. And yes, I am bitter, because I loved the two first playthroughs.

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