VR chat, ageplay 

Current feelings: Wanna run and hide behind my mommy, because too many people


VR chat, cptsd 

Yeah, the whole thing just started to trigger stuff.

Thank for inviting me though @kat.

It's fun and I might do it again eventually, but also sorry for leaving abruptly, but yeah....

stuff got triggered more and more for me and that was the best way for me to get an out.

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re: VR chat, cptsd 

@maxine ugh sorry, i really gotta figure out a way to have less people talking all at once

re: VR chat, cptsd 

@kat nah, it's fine.

You did good.

It's just lots of people in one spot + not able to distract myself proper = massive triggering of my agoraphobia and emotional flashbacks (at least they were manageable though)

Nothing you can do, so don't sweat

re: VR chat, cptsd 

@maxine i have an auditory processing thing so ppl talking all at once hurts me tbh haha

re: VR chat, cptsd 

@kat I feel you there.

Dunno how to avoid that though, because it's just a common thing when lots of people are together (and why I don't really like lots of people together myself too)

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