Quick heads up!

This instance will be offline for 5-10 minutes later this day.

I'm adding some code in and bump to 3.1.5 of the upstream branch (can't get 3.2 working yet)

OK, code changes are committed, so taking this instance down to do the upgrade. BRB

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And we're back!

Changes to 3.1.5+mootech3 are as follows:

+ new theme "Pupper", which is very pink
+ new language "English (Moo)" which exchanges a couple words around everywhere (like toots are moos, users are puppers, boosts are baps and favourites are kisses)

Everyone got their default language changed to English (Moo), but you can easily change it back to normal English in the preferences.

@maxine maybe I'll stop by the web interface sometimes

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