So, played a little more with noise based biome generation.

I think this is usable. The colors for the biomes don't mean much right now, as I can define them how I want them to be and am not sure what biomes I actually want.

But it's a start that I can create them.

Also this is chunk-able, meaning I can create it in small pieces, without needing surrounding info (could be as small as 1x1, but will likely be something like 16x16)

@maxine I started out doing something like this but realized you could just define dueling biomes directly and save a lot of computation. This is where you have a single fractal noise map and one end is one biome and the other is another. Adding another doubles the available biomes (2 dueling biome maps is 4 biomes, 3 is 8 and so on).

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