Hey found this and I bet it'll help a lot of folks!

It's the "Standards of Care" for trans folks (and non-binary folks) and covers a lot of how to get started with HRT (like what is needed) and other health care trans issues.

I'm reading and using it myself for Germany right now, but there are other languages available!

Trans health stuff, link 

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I made both a CW and a non-CWed version of that post, so people can choose what they want to boost!

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Especially if you like to know what "informed consent" requires and entails, it's a good source.

For preparation on acquiring it yourself for example (like I do right now)

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@maxine For germany there is a specific one that they use here for trans care unfortunately(it is gatekeepy).

@Soft_Missy If you refer to the "Alltagstest", then I have good news.

At least the endocrinologist, I work with, works with informed consent and he's also the one who (indirectly) pointed me to those documents.

He literally gave me an excerpt from it, to help my therapist to write a referral letter for him.

I can give you his name, if you're interested (in DM)

@maxine if you need a referral letter than it is not informed consent. or would your endo just prescribe hrt to you without it ?

I can always need new contacts of good medical professionels for friends and stuff. so yeah, dm me pls :)

the new(but not binding) recommendations for care in germany also have no real life experience(alltagstest) anymore, but the old one(that is still binding to some degree)

@Soft_Missy OK< I worded it wrongly.

Informed consent is part of the referral letter.

The requirements of what is inside that letter is from the document I linked to though (the German PDF)

And he told me that it's all he needs for it.

@maxine gladly they(endo) can prescribe freely to us. though some are afraid to get sued, so they want a letter from a psychiatrist/psychotherapist to be not at fault.

more and more endocrinologists are getting aware that they dont need to be afraid anymore

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